27 May 2024 09:48

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Yum in a Box a resounding success with Dubai moms

Demand for Healthy Meals for Kids Exceeds the Expectations of Yum in a Box Founder and Prompts Service Expansion

Dubai-based entrepreneur Sara Ghosn who launched Yum in a Box – a healthy eating concept for kids – earlier this year, says mothers are reaching out from all around the UAE to get their kids on her roster. The response to her product has been so positive, it encouraged Ghosn to revisit her business strategy and introduce door-to-door, and birthday services much earlier than originally planned.

The Yum in a Box concept is part of Ghosn’s mission to instill healthy eating habits amongst children between the ages of 2 to 10 years, by providing them with well-balanced meals that look and taste good. “It is so rewarding to see a passion project turn into a family favorite,” says Ghosn, “I cater to the most sophisticated taste buds on the planet: kids! To see these little gems enjoy our food and begin to perceive healthy nutrition as fun and delicious, truly warms my heart!”

The meal plans have proven to be a success not just with the kids, but with the mothers as well, who say they have found the ultimate solution to a healthy eating lifestyle for their children during their time away from home.

Ghosn states that the gap in the market was wider than she had anticipated. What started off as a product to be offered to nurseries and schools only, will now expand into home deliveries and children’s birthdays where there is request and need for healthier meal options to go alongside the cakes and sugary treats, normally offered during birthday parties. Ghosn has designed a special menu custom-made for birthdays and revisited favorites to make them healthy and nutritious. Parents can now order healthy meals served in specially designed lunch boxes for their kids’ birthdays.

Home deliveries are set to start in January, primarily in the Jumeirah area and will organically grow to serve the entire city of Dubai in the initial phase. Delivered in colorful cooling bags and boxes, Ghosn pays tremendous attention to freshness and hygiene by providing meals cooked on a daily basis and stored in temperature-controlled bags to safeguard the quality of the dishes.

Keeping the nature of her young target audience in mind, Ghosn continues to experiment with flavors, cooking techniques and combinations of natural ingredients, to ensure variety and get the children excited about opening their lunchboxes every day.

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