23 Jun 2024 06:38

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C1X Opens Its Biggest Development Facility in Chennai; Committed to Tamil Nadu IT Development


C1X, which has been in the news over the last few months after its Series B raise has appointed its leadership teams across the region and is now committed itself to building a world class infrastructure in Chennai supporting Tamil Nadu IT Development initiatives that could potentially add 100s of jobs to attract the best of talent in its engineering and product development teams in Chennai.

The new facility is a state of the art center with absolute new age facilities that would ensure potential employees and the talent the company is looking for from across the country to feel empowered and build world class adtech solutions.

Mukundu Kumaran, Co-Founder & CEO, said, “We are committed to addressing the global market needs from our facility in Chennai. This facility is in line with our global strategy and our expansion plans across markets and being the leading AMT company in the world, we wanted to take a leap with a strong first mover advantage and continue to march ahead on all our product development activities for the various initiatives we have embarked on.”

“To that effect we have hired some of the best talents globally in leadership positions and few more are slated to join in January, which will announce at the appropriate time. Now that the business growth in 2017 seems ominous it is important to support those teams with adequate product development and engineering folks to address our global expansion programme that Dan, Ram and I are spearheading.”

For the uninitiated, AMT stands for “Advertising and Marketing Technology” and given the exchange is a full stack solution across DSP, SSP, DMP, Ecommerce and Adserver, this company is pioneering the effort in addressing some of the futuristic technology requirements that brands and publishers are looking for. 

When quizzed on why AMT, Mukundu responded by saying, “It is difficult to differentiate between various programmatic solutions that are available in the market and when during a brainstorming session one of our new hires prompted this coined word, we were convinced that we will lead the charge around this new stack that does not exist with any other player and so to differentiate and clearly position ourselves, we have decided to lead from the front as industry leaders in that category given we invented this one stack offering across categories through our data sciences and technology capability. Spearheading the market with a truly unified AMT platform that streamlines all the way from guaranteed premium media buys to marketing within large eCommerce platforms is our effort and we are leaving the product to do the talking”

We have heard of DSPs, SSPs and various programmatic offerings and here comes AMT, which is set to drive the change required through its transparent, ease of use and audience discovery platform, which is agnostic in nature and works seamlessly across both desktops and mobile.

Chennai is now in the world map for adtech initiatives and C1X is leading that charge.

C1X has offices globally including San Jose, Omaha, New York, Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Singapore and Tokyo. Its San Jose, Bangalore and Chennai offices are focused on product development and engineering while the rest are offices that drive business.

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