23 May 2024 21:50

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The Future 100: Trends and Change in 2017


The Innovation Group has launched its annual forecast of consumer trends to watch in the coming year.

Key trends for 2017 include:

Culture — AI art — Today’s artists are using emerging artificial intelligence technologies to create, curate and collaborate in ways that were impossible just a few years ago.

Tech and Innovation — Augmented reality evolves — The surprise success of Pokémon Go has put augmented reality (AR) in the pockets of millions. As Apple and others plan AR initiatives, retailers and marketers are looking at the technology with fresh eyes.

Travel and Hospitality — Halal tourism — The tourism industry is waking up to the growing spending power of Muslim travelers, who represent a $220 billion market.

Brands and Marketing — (Dis)ability advertising — Nearly one in five adults, or over 53 million people, in the United States have a disability, and that ratio is expected to grow. Advertising is finally starting to reflect that reality.

Food and Drink — Marijuana: The new rosé? — Marijuana may be on its way to overtaking wine as the hip indulgence of choice for women, as accessories get high-end redesigns and more women go into cannabusiness.

Beauty — Second skin — Researchers are uncovering new materials that create a “second skin” to restore natural elasticity and a youthful appearance.

Retail — Retail naturalism — Technology brands are evolving retail concepts away from cold and minimal shops toward something friendlier and more natural.

Health — Quantified blood — The rise of at-home blood testing is bringing entirely new dimensions to the tracking of personal health.

Lifestyle — Sleep renaissance — We’re in the midst of a soporific renaissance as innovators respond to our culture’s chronic undervaluation of sleep, and the “sleep space” gets the Silicon Valley treatment.

Luxury — Artificial nature — Luxury hospitality brands are creating sophisticated manmade natural environments where guests can not only experience five-star service, but also enjoy an environment that would otherwise be unavailable.

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