18 Jun 2024 02:49

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising Business Group launches to promote responsible advertising

A new advertising industry association has been established that aims to promote ethical, responsible advertising in the Middle East region.

The Advertising Business Group (ABG), which includes Mars, PepsiCo, Emirates NBD, Procter & Gamble, Facebook, Google, MCN, Choueiri Group, Nestle, Abbott Laboratories, Visa, L’Oréal, Beiersdorf, Omnicom Media Group and Unilever, will seek to encourage self-regulation among advertisers, agencies and publishers. The ABG will also engage with consumers on their rights by providing them with the ability to challenge advertising which they believe to be harmful or untrue.

We are at a stage of the marketing and advertising industries development in the GCC which makes it the ideal time to set up a self-regulatory body like the ABG that will advocate for responsible advertising and communication,” said Sanjiv Kakkar, Executive Vice-President at Unilever Mena, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and the ABG Chairperson.  “Advertising has a remarkable impact on every single one of us – it wins hearts and minds, shaping the attitudes and influencing the behaviors of millions of consumers daily. With this power comes the responsibility of regulating ourselves, ensuring that we create ethical advertising that does not mislead, harm or offend consumers.”

In partnership with existing associations such as the European Advertising Standards Alliance and the World Federation of Advertisers, the ABG will look to define and share a set of best practices on advertising standards. The ABG will also work with bodies in the region, such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the International Advertising Association, to promote self-regulation.

“Ethical advertising builds consumer trust in companies and brands, improving sales and strengthening market share; while helping maintain a level playing field that is important for fair competition. Irresponsible marketing on the other hand damages consumer confidence and provides little or no sustained return on advertising investment. Responsible advertising benefits everyone – consumers, society and advertisers. This belief in responsible advertising, and its benefits for consumers and society has spurred the GCCs advertisers, agencies and media to establish the ABG,” added Kakkar. 

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