24 Jun 2024 18:04

Advertising & Marketing

Effective communication and more- FP7/Dubai makes the region proud yet again

The key role of advertising is to effectively tell consumers what it intends to communicate, creativity alone is not great!

FP7 DBX has shown just that by not only winning the most effective advertising office of the year but also, the most effective agency network of the year along with FP7 MENA  , fourth time in a row at the Effie MENA this year.

Effie Effectiveness Index is the foremost ranking in the marketing and advertising industry globally. It identifies and ranks the most effective agencies, marketers and brands by analysing finalists and winner data from more than 40 national and regional Effie Award competitions. Where FP7 nailed the brief and held onto its reign effectively.

It is the agency’s belief system that has made them gain in this brilliant form. According to Sasan Saeidi Managing Director-UAE GROUP of FP7/DXB- it’s not luck anymore when the agency has been winning this accolade for the past four years, its sheer uphill struggle of working alongside the clients to achieve one goal of ultimate communication building. It’s a decisive mix of vision and agency objective of hard work, passion, creativity and strategy. 

The Effie Awards honour effectiveness in marketing communications and spotlight marketing ideas that contribute to a brand’s success, with a focus on strategy, ideas and results. Since 1968 winning an Effie has become a global symbol of achievement in effective marketing strategy.

Here’s MediAvataar MENA wishing FP7 a great run as always! 







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