14 Jun 2024 22:59

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Musafir.com launches online visa application service in the UAE

Musafir.com embarks on an innovative travel journey in line with the UAE’s Vision 2021

Apply for UAE tourist visas as well as tourist visas anywhere in the world on Musafir.com, a first-of-its kind initiative in the UAE introduced by the premium travel website 

Musafir.com, the UAE’s first premium-experience travel website, today announced the launch of the online visa application service. Tourist visas to the UAE and 14 other destinations can now be directly applied on musafir.com and have their travel documentation processed and completed with no hassle.

They are the first travel provider in the GCC region to introduce this service online. Under the simplified procedure, applicants submit their application documentation and payment directly on to the website post which the visa will be processed and emailed back to the customer, ready to be shown at the immigration section of the airport. This new product is expected to increase in inbound as well as outbound travel. 

This new product launch aligns with the UAE’s ambitious Vision 2021 that encompasses all elements that lay the foundation of a smart city, inclusive of the smarter travel industry. With the recent change in the UAE visa norms for GCC expats, travellers into the UAE from the GCC countries will now have to apply for their visa prior to their travel. With this product flexibility, there will be a noticeable shift of visa applications online.  

 “We are very excited to be launching this convenient new visa application service that will play a key role in attracting, even more, visitors to the UAE,” said Sachin Gadoya, managing director and co-founder of Musafir.com. “We believe it’s imperative to make the travel process as easy as possible for the customer, and introducing this new product for visas prior is a milestone in our firm’s objectives of providing premium travel experience,” he adds.

This is the latest in a long list of milestones in Musafir.com’s journey, which has shaped the UAE’s travel industry. There has been noticeable 40% growth in inbound tourist visa applications from 2015 to the current year.  

The company revolutionised the sector by becoming the first corporate travel management company to introduce an online travel tool for corporate booking to the UAE in 2009.  As the region is working towards becoming smarter, electronic visas are an imperative contribution to the travel industry that makes them more efficient and productive, the three fundamental elements required for a Smart City. 

“As the UAE’s original Online Travel Agency (OTA), we are very proud to bring another ‘first’ to our industry and our country,” added Gadoya. “The highly skilled and experienced team at Musafir.com is dedicated to working on innovative ways to aid their customers and make their travel experience as efficient as possible. With visas now being issued online, we are committed to providing a service that is easily accessible and customers can receive their visas without their homes.”

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