18 Jun 2024 02:49

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Q3 2016 Global Consumer Confidence Report

Third-quarter global consumer confidence remained stable at 99, up one point from the second quarter and no change from the previous year (Q3 2015). Country-level scores, however, varied dramatically throughout the regions, reflecting considerable economic diversity around the world. In Asia-Pacific, consumer confidence scores ranged from a high of 133 to a low of 46, with similar divergent scores in Europe (from 107to 50), Latin America (from 104 to 57) and Africa/Middle East (from 108 to 70). In North America, however, confidence scores were more closely aligned in the U.S. (106) and Canada (97).

Overall, the latest survey showed confidence gains throughout most markets in Asia-Pacific (and no declines from the previous quarter), Latin America and Europe. Conversely, confidence declined in four of six Africa/Middle East markets and in one of two North American markets.

In the latest online survey, conducted Aug. 10-Sept. 2, 2016, five of the world’s top 10 economies posted scores of 100 or higher, up from three that reached the milestone in the second quarter. The U.K. (106) and Germany (100) joined India (133), the U.S. (106) and China (106) with at or above-baseline consumer confidence scores in the third quarter. Index levels for the other five biggest economies showed mixed levels of below the-baseline pessimism: Canada (97), Brazil (84), Japan (71), France (69) and Italy (57). In total, 16 of 63 markets—representing countries from all five regions, and marking four more markets than the second quarter—reported optimistic levels above 100.

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