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Mirum launches in Middle East and Africa

On 1 November, Mirum will launch in the Middle East and Africa, bringing together three regional digital power houses, Cleartag, HeathWallace and Quirk. Renowned for their innovative and entrepreneurial cultures, together they will form what is effectively one of the largest technology and innovation agencies in the region.

Mirum is a new breed of digital agency, created by the J. Walter Thompson Company in 2015, joining its most innovative and specialised digital marketing companies worldwide into a network of over 2,400 staff across 46 offices.  Mirum’s goal is to “make what’s next” for clients that understand and embrace the transformative power of digital technology. 

Dan Khabie, Mirum’s global CEO, says, “Mirum is not an ‘agency’ – we are a digital experience design business that is part strategic consultancy, part technology lab, part idea hothouse.  Our global vision is to use our deep understanding of technology and human behaviour to make experiences that businesses want and people need.”

Cleartag Co-founder and CEO, Tarek Dajani, taking on the Mirum MEA CEO role added, “I believe that the Middle East and Africa will drive a lot of the next decade’s innovation as we harness the power of digital technology to overcome structural barriers and disrupt traditional business models and cultural paradigms.  Mirum is perfectly positioned to help our clients thrive in this ever-changing environment as Cleartag, HeathWallace and Quirk bring together the perfect mix of expertise, experience and local insight.“

Roy Haddad, Chairman of the J. Walter Thompson Company, Middle East and Africa says, “We are incredibly excited to launch Mirum in the region.  From the outset, Mirum will be a major player across the MEA region’s digital landscape. These three businesses already work together and give our clients a powerful base of more than 300 technology and digital specialists on the ground.  As part of Mirum, they also have seamless access to a global pool of strategists and delivery teams, to make what’s next for our clients in these fast-developing markets. From building an innovation centre for Bank Audi’s “egallery” in Beirut, to enabling Google voice search for McDonald’s in South Africa, the team has already shown how to bring the Mirum vision to reality.” 

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