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Star Plus and BCCI launches the most disruptive campaign ever for Women’s Equality

In a global first, the entire Indian team to wear jerseys carrying their mothers names during the October 29th game!

Star India in association with the BCCI turns the spotlight on women once again. The ‘Nayi Soch’ campaign – in collaboration with the BCCI- with the cricketers wearing their mother’s names on their jerseys has struck a deep chord with all sections of society. Several have wondered and hoped that the team would wear their mother’s names on their jerseys for an actual match. To make a powerful statement, one that can inspire millions and propel change, the Indian Cricket team will sport jerseys with their mother’s names on October 29th for the concluding ODI of the India-New Zealand series.

This symbolic gesture will champion the cause of women in a country which is ranked 130th out of 155 nations in the world on gender equality (United Nations Human Development Report 2015). This is precisely why the Indian government has launched several programs to further the cause of women and the girl child in India.

On this historic game the Indian cricket team will serve as ambassadors of new thinking and use the power and platform of sport to drive meaningful social change.

This is the first time in the world that a team jersey is being used so disruptively to power social change. Star Plus has taken an unprecedented leap in its Nayi Soch or new way of thinking. We compliment the BCCI and the Indian team for such a transformational collaboration notes Uday Shankar, Chairman & CEO of Star India, “At Star, women have always been at the forefront of everything we do. This time around both BCCI and Star have put their strength together to highlight the cause of women in India. World over Sports has been a tremendous platform for advocacy of a range of social causes. The Indian cricketers sporting their mothers’ names make for a powerful and emotive statement and we are thankful to BCCI and the Indian Cricket team for partnering with us on this idea. It will support the voice of the emerging Indian woman and inspire millions to acknowledge and celebrate the identity and role of women in India.”

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