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Buzzeff.tv launches programmatic access to outstream

Buzzeff.tv is the first to bring programmatic access to outstream video advertising to the Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Advertising agencies can now reach 50 million unique users per month in the region

Buzzeff.tv, the online video publisher experts, has introduced an automated, streamlined version of video ad buying to the MEA region. Through the programmatic offer, brands now can reach 50 million unique users per month in MEA across news, business and finance, male & female lifestyle, sports verticals and more.

Advertising agencies and their clients now have access to an added value product that enhances their targeting capabilities by processing audience data with minimal human input. Buzzeff allows for less manual action, resulting in a lower likelihood of human error, fewer resources required, lower cost processes, and a means that uses cost per impression. Publishers can also monetize their extensive editorial inventory across smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Commenting on the new advertising trend, Jerome Mouthon, Founder and Chairman of Buzzeff MEA said, “While the FMCG vertical initiated programmatic buying in 2015, we are now seeing other industries quickly embrace this method to leverage its core selling points including enhanced targeting capabilities. We predict that more than 50% of advertising spends to be programmatic in 2017, as the industry seeks to leverage a more cost-effective outstream video format across premium publishers.” 

The outstream format appears as a page break within the heart of editorial content. The content parts as the user scrolls down and the video ad begins to play though the tags that are place in the middle of the article.  If the user scrolls away, or decides to move on to another tab, the ad pauses. On the other hand, when the video finishes, the ad disappears within the content, and the content resumes. Buzzeff’s use of the latest technology, InRead created by Teads, ensures that the ads shown on pages fit as per the text content.

“According to emarketer, seven in ten advertisers said programmatic outstream provided more scale with 69% saying it helped improve viewability. By adding programmatic buying to our portfolio of products, Buzzeff is supporting the MEA region’s position as a leading hub for advertising professionals,” concluded Herman D’SOUZA, Business Head at Buzzeff MEA.

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