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Shorter is better for native ads

Advertisers may want to change the ‘keep it simple’ mantra for advertising to ‘keep it short’ – at least in one format. According to new data out from Jumpstart Automotive Media, shorter ads are showing much higher completion rates in the native ad space.

For native ads, shorter may, indeed, be better. That’s the word from Jumpstart Automotive Media which found that native ads coming in at 30 seconds or shorter are showing higher completion rates.

Overall, all native ads are showing strong completion and engagement rates. The data indicates an 84% average for completion and an 83% average for engagement with native video. Researchers also found the average time spend viewing native content was 56 seconds.

“Brands are running a mix of short and long-form video and, across the board, shorter form (30 seconds or less) videos are seeing higher completion rates. Of course, it’s not too surprising that a longer commitment might mean an increased likelihood that engagement will drop off a bit. However, even when we’re seeing completion rates drop to 60% for videos that are sometimes five minutes or more in length, that’s still very successful. Regardless of length, this performance is exceeding client expectations,” said Aaron Serrao, VP of Audience Development and Ad Product, Jumpstart Automotive Media.

Native ads placed alongside relevant editorial copy are showing some of the strongest engagement rates at 96%, along with a 4% click-to-open rate. On average these clips are completed at a 65% rate.

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