14 Jun 2024 21:53

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The EIDEAL-Santi Business Leadership Programme: An Update

Innovative brand, EIDEAL is renowned for providing high -quality, cutting-edge hair tools and excellent products to its partner salons but EIDEAL’s founder, entrepreneur Haysam Eid felt compelled to go one step further. Teaming up with acclaimed business leadership consultant Susie Santiago, EIDEAL launched the EIDEAL- Santi Business Leadership Programme at BeautyWorld Middle East in May.

Eid’s main goal was to create a Professional Hair Dressers’ Community in the region whereby salon owners can benefit from each other’s experience by sharing their knowledge and opening up to one another. “Breaking the taboo of keeping the industry’s secret to one’s self is what we are after” says Eid.

This exclusive programme is currently being offered to a select number of EIDEAL’s VIP salon partners and will run with current participants until May 2017. One participating member of the programme is Ruksher Malik, partner at the award-winning Pastels Salon, who has been wowed by what the programme has to offer. “I have never undertaken a detailed business programme before and I felt that if I wanted to take the salons to the next level and ensure their continued and enhanced success that I needed to do this. When EIDEAL offered me the chance to participate in this programme, I felt it would be a perfect match to meet my requirements and enable me to achieve my goals,” she says.

Fundamental to the brilliance of the programme is that Susie Santiago, the programme’s mentor has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of salon business. “I have learnt about planning and forecasting, sharper budgeting, branding and marketing, loyalty schemes, the client journey, net promoter score, mission statement and so many other things that until this programme came along, I hadn’t been able to fully master,” says Malilk. “Susie has created simple, easy to understand and very effective tools for the programme.”

One of the cornerstones of the programme was to foster a supportive network for regional salon owners and while most of the programme takes place through interactive webinars, there are also one-to-one sessions.

Susie Santiago, the programme’s mentor believes the programme will raise quality operating standards in the region. “EIDEAL’s significant investment in bringing this exclusive UAE first to the industry will raise leadership attributes, which will contribute to tak ing the participant’s salons to the next levels of success,” she says. 

“The knowledge gained through this fast paced, award winning one year structured personal and business leadership Programme, is unique.” 

EIDEAL’s vision to introduce the programme in the UAE is truly pioneering as this is the first programme of its type ever available in the Middle East. “This innovative initiative was

inspired by Haysam Eid’s desire to connect and network top salon operators in the UAE, creating a circle of excellence.” It is hoped that the EIDEAL-Santi Business Leadership Programme will become a yearly ritual aiming to fulfil the needs of all interested salon Owners who are looking into taking their business to the next level of profitable success – making it an integral factor that will drive the improvement of the salon industry in the Middle East.

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