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Cinnabon’s Exclusive New Image Unveiled in Abu Dhabi

World Famous Cinnamon rolls brand showcases new image outside USA for first time in UAE

Cinnabon has introduced its fresh new brand and image at the first store of its kind outside the USA, in Abu Dhabi Marina Mall. The bakery is only the second worldwide to incorporate Cinnabon’s new style and is one out of over 40 across the UAE. 

Cinnabon have rolled out a complete overhaul with its new look, which extends to all elements of the bakery. An extensive array of changes features a new logo, updated staff uniforms and an additional product line. A fresh design for the stylish new dining area features contemporary furniture.

Marwan Kandeel, Multi-Brand Manager of Cravia Group, explains: “Our experience within the UAE market is that our customers desire a fashionable, stylish and modern look, in line with current high-end trends. We invested more greatly in this store than is usual, to cater to the extremely high standards of Abu Dhabi residents and visitors, and to match and exceed the competition in a market with refined offerings.”

Operating under the franchise of Cravia, one of the leading food and beverage companies in the region, the fresh new store incorporates an increased menu selection, comprising of an even greater choice for those seeking out delicious treats. These include America’s favourite ice cream Carvel, and a new range of ‘Whoopies’ products designed for customers on-the-go, all alongside the Seattle’s  Best Coffee that customers have grown to love. A greater choice of seating is available for those who wish to take in Cinnabon’s characteristic ambience, with takeout also freely available.

Mr. Kandeel continues, “Although this is only the second store to feature Cinnabon’s new image worldwide it is at the forefront of all our retail outlets. We applied key learnings from the first store change in the U.S., and we are confident we have succeeded in exceeding all expectations with this new opening. We are pleased to have already received positive feedback from our customers on the refined atmosphere and environment, on new selections tried from our menu, as well as our selection of freshly made Cinnabon rolls.”

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