12 Jul 2024 21:18

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Selecting the Right Brand Ambassador for Your Business: 5 Essentials

Building brands through celebrity and digital influencer endorsements remains a powerful communication tool for firms. Choosing the correct spokesperson is a big decision for any brand and needs to be carefully considered as they can either boost or tarnish a brand’s image.

With the right marketing strategy and approach, a credible ambassador can reap long-lasting rewards. They will help increase brand visibility, awareness and ultimately sales.

Maurice Hamilton, Global CEO at The SMC Group, shares useful tips and insights on selecting the right brand ambassador to help grow your business:

Contract Set – Up

The importance of drawing up a contract cannot be understated. When entering into an agreement with a brand ambassador, ensure all agreed terms are encapsulated within the contract. This includes payment terms, agreed deliverables etc.                                                               The written document must outline the full understanding of the business relationship and scope of work so that both parties are protected and cannot claim any misunderstandings in the future.

Celebrity -Brand Match

It is extremely vital to select an individual who genuinely likes and supports your brand, not someone who is there just to make a quick buck. The key messages he/she communicates should be sincere and consistent; as a result, the relationship between the brand and ambassador will be perceived as much more natural by your consumers.

Another important factor to note is the other brands they may be associated with. Be clear on how this can affect your own ambassador campaigns.

Connect With Your Target Audience

The person you select needs to appeal to your target audience. You wouldn’t want to hire Ronaldo to promote basketball nor would you hire a Spanish speaking influencer for an Arabic audience.

Brand ambassadors tend to humanize and bring personality to a brand. Consumers are more likely to listen to an individual when making purchasing decisions than they are to marketing and advertising messages. An ideal spokesperson will do exactly that and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Worn-out & Over Used: A Big No-No

While choosing an ambassador, avoid hiring someone that has already been endorsing several different brands. Your customers are likely to get confused and as a result blur brand image and reduce effectiveness of the association.  A famous face doesn’t mean they fit with any given brand.

Friendly and Approachable

While ambassadors are not permanent employees, they will be representing your brand. They will talk positively, encourage consumers to use your products/services and most importantly influence how others perceive your business.

People must feel comfortable around your brand ambassador. The ideal candidate is someone who is friendly yet professional. General public should feel at ease and come to him/her with any questions, or just to chat!

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