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Siemens launches ‘Ingenuity for life’ campaign in UAE and Qatar

Siemens has strengthened its positioning in the UAE and Qatar with the local launch of its new global brand appearance, whose central component is the claim ‘Ingenuity for life.’ The launch coincides with the 200th birthday of the company’s founder, Werner von Siemens, who began working with the Middle East region in the 1800s with the development of the Indo-European telegraph line.

“As a long-standing partner to the region, Siemens is well-positioned to support the UAE and Qatar towards achieving their economic diversification plans. Through efficient and ingenious technology, we are focusing on providing innovations that support the development of key infrastructure, drive progress and enhance the quality of life for the region’s population,” said Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO of Siemens Middle East and UAE.

“We are continuing to deploy our technology in the areas which have the greatest positive impact on people’s lives. This is the core of Ingenuity for life: using the power of innovation and local knowledge to create value, making real what matters for employees, customers, citizens and society.”

‘Ingenuity for life,’ which will appear with the company’s logo, sums up what Siemens has stood for ever since its founder produced his trailblazing inventions: engineering expertise, genius, innovation and a sense of responsibility.

As part of the campaign, Siemens will deliver new print advertising illustrating how the company’s technology helps people shape the future, from reliable power generation and delivery to smooth manufacturing processes and smart mobility solutions across the region.

Siemens has been present in the Middle East for more than 160 years. In the UAE, where the company employs 1800 highly-skilled workers, Siemens turbines account for 40 percent of the country‘s power generation capacity. Meanwhile, over 60 percent of power generated in Qatar is transmitted and distributed by Siemens technology. In April, Siemens shipped its 1,000th gas turbine from its factory in Berlin to the Umm al Houl combined cycle power plant in Qatar.

With the strengthening of its brand appearance, Siemens is focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization in Iran. Siemens has a comprehensive portfolio across these sectors, providing innovation for power generation, transmission and distribution, rail and road networks, smart building technology for intelligent city infrastructure and digital automation technology for highly productive manufacturing and industry.

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