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Volkswagen Middle East launches sitcom – Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Buying a car can be an overwhelming experience for consumers, even for the most auto-savvy ‘petrol heads’, they are torn between their desire for affordable innovation and misconceptions about the costs of a Volkswagen car. Volkswagen Middle East has brought to life this conflicting thought process in an unconventional way with a sitcom series, “Left Brain vs. Right Brain”.

Launched in March 2016, the new online sitcom takes an amusing look inside the brain of a car buyer, where viewers can literally get an inside look into a consumer’s decision making process through 12 opposing characters debating each car in question.

Each of the six episodes feature two groups of opposing characters – from hard-faced lawyers and carefree yogis, to anxious accountants and laid-back surfers – with each group sharing one side of the car buyer’s brain.

Each episode begins with a car buyer perusing a Volkswagen advertisement on a laptop, tablet or brochure. An announcement with surprising information from the advert is always revealed at a turning point in each episode, such as 3 years free service or up to 5 years warranty, which changes everything inside the brain and allows both opposing sides to finally become friends – symbolising that a Volkswagen car will make sense to your entire brain.

Thomas Milz, Managing Director, Volkswagen Middle East said: “The Left Brain vs. Right Brain episodes provide an entertaining depiction of real-life consumer dilemmas, based on their conflicting thought process of desiring affordable innovation, yet being dominated by misconceptions regarding price.

“With a range of models that are both affordable and innovative, the episodes illustrate that both the logical and the imaginative side of your brain can be satisfied, and buying a Volkswagen simply makes sense on every level.”

Watch the Volkswagen Left Brain vs. Right Brain sitcom episodes via the links below or visit the official Volkswagen Middle East Facebook Page which the content was created for: https://www.facebook.com/VolkswagenME/videos

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