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Publinet Group Continues to Build Senior Expertise

Award-winning communications network Publinet Group continues to focus on the region’s exciting opportunities for growth by expanding its senior leadership team. The group, which includes Cicero & Bernay Public Relations (C&B), RAW, a social-media agency, and creative think-tank Spark* Middle East, has appointed three senior communication professionals to its Dubai headquarters in the first quarter of 2016.

Cicero & Bernay appointed Grace Asmar as its new Director of Practices & Offerings, where, she acts as the agency’s custodian of all PR brands and personnel, along with being responsible for the development and management of clients.  Grace brings international experience to her role, working closely with C&B directors and personnel to drive the vision and strategy for the agency. Her responsibilities include expansion plans for C&B into new practices and offerings, client business development and talent management. The agency also appointed Jamal H. Iqbal as Director of Brand Outreach. Jamal brings award-winning campaign experience to the agency including campaigns recognized at the Abbies, Effies, CannesLions, and the Cannes ACT Tributes that won a Gold and Silver at the Dubai Lynx 2016. His new role as Director – Brand Outreach will see him add a unique brand-focused and creative perspective to C&B clients’ strategies.

Publinet’s digital agency RAW appointed its first-ever Creative Director, Rennie Mitchell. A seasoned advertising professional, Rennie brings experience from the UK and USA in social media and advertising for major film studios such as Universal, Warner, Disney, and Sony Pictures (Columbia).

Ahmad Itani, COO of Publinet Group said, “The expansion of the Publinet senior team is significant in that it underscores the confidence we have in the region’s opportunities and the need for senior expertise. Publinet companies are focused on delivering best-practice solutions for our clients, and the addition of these three individuals to our senior teams will offer in-depth expertise to clients, and enable us to deliver integrated and strategic solutions from all of the Publinet companies.”

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