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Mapovate to revolutionise customer service in the UAE

Ethos Integrated Solutions, the regional leader in customer experience management, is revolutionising customer experience in the UAE and beyond with the launch of Mapovate – the world’s first, bi-lingual customer journey mapping software available in both English and Arabic, with dynamic, real-time voice-of-customer.

The only software in the market that captures and reports customer feedback from the moment it’s generated, Mapovate makes companies immediately aware of their customer service shortcomings so they can address and remedy them on-the-spot allowing senior managers to react to changing customer expectations and actual brand experience.

“As a result of its functionality and immediacy, Mapovate assists with enhancing brand experience, customer engagement and loyalty,” explained Robert Keay, Ethos’ founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Designed and created from years of experience in the UK with input from the company’s wealth of voice of customer measurement experience in the UAE, Mapovate utilises multiple touch points with quantifiable feedback and reports in English and Arabic.

“Mapovate is able to integrate with any customer feedback system employed by a company has, even ones outside the Ethos portfolio. The software’s dynamic reporting capabilities can be specifically tailored in line with company objectives,” says Keay.

“Following 18 months of design and implementation we have delivered the ability for companies to create smarter customer journeys.

“While organisations are beginning to understand how vital it is to perform better in an increasingly competitive landscape, they lack the resources and expertise to map a 360 customer experience journey to deliver the exceptional customer experiences required to fulfil it. This is the right product, at the right time, to meet the needs of organisations in the new experience economy.”

Ethos is already in talks with a number of large retail, banking and government organisations who are looking to implement Customer Experience Journey Mapping into their current customer survey systems and within five days of its social media launch has received many partner-related global enquiries.

“With more consumer touch points across multi-channel devices, the complexity of today’s customer journey is only heightening the challenge. Disjointed data, unaligned marketing efforts and budgetary constraints can produce fragmented and unrewarding experiences,” explained Keay.

“Increasingly businesses understand the risks involved in focusing on single aspects of delivery thereby detracting from the overall experience. Thus, the focus is on the total customer journey – from understanding buyer preferences, training staff and adjusting promotions, locations and all delivery standards to suit,” Keay added. “In addition, our own research has clearly demonstrated that customer experience can impact a nation’s happiness index, which is a new governmental priority in the UAE.”

A recent study by Accenture found that 89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives and 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience.

“Mapovate is a milestone in customer experience delivery and for Ethos, it manifests the company’s evolution from a consultancy to a fully-fledged integrated solutions provider that is a one-stop-shop for customer experience management throughout the UAE, the GCC and beyond.”

Mapovate’s launch follows Ethos’ recent development of a unique, cloud-based, smart-phone enabled multi-purpose online solution – KnowledgeTRAK, which is a revolutionary new way to run mystery shopping assignments and surveys and is designed to significantly reduce costs. KnowledgeTRAK has been integrated into Mapovate for instant upload of surveys and mystery shopping assignments.

Mapovate’s dynamic, real-time characteristics are generated through its integration with KnowledgeTRAK with all KPIs and measurements originating from the journey mapping device resulting from KnowledgeTRAK surveys. Similar to Mapovate, KnowledgeTRAK is a first-of-its-kind solution in the region and was developed in the UK with support from Ethos in Dubai leveraging the company’s 12 years’ experience in generating more than a quarter of a million mystery shopping visits by thousands of shoppers and over one million surveys.

Used together, Mapovate and KnowledgeTRAK can impact an organisation’s reputation, brand loyalty and competitiveness and greatly influence its role in assisting national happiness ratings.

“Customer experience drives satisfaction which impacts customer happiness,” says Keay.

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