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Happier People Create Better Ideas

Tonic International, the fiercely independent international communications agency based in Dubai that revolutionised the Middle East marketing landscape by winning the regions first gold at Cannes is changing the rules of the game once again.

It’s a simple philosophy, in line with the UAE happiness goals: ‘happier people create better ideas’.

They are doing what most creative agencies can only dream of even though agencies push their clients and fight for good work, they are the most conservative businesses on the planet. Nothing much has changed since the 60’s.

Tonic took that leap of faith when they introduced a new HR policy early last year. It allowed Tonicians to choose from flexible working hours, self-manage their unlimited paid holidays and even work part-time.

The result is amazing, new mothers spend more time with their new-borns, juniors enrolled in colleges to attain an MBA degree, aspiring athletes trained long hours to run the city marathon (yes, they did come back with metals) while others simply chose quality time with their family.

This was contrary to the trend in the market, where marketing professionals took pride in burning the midnight-oil and yet produce substandard work. By allowing its staff to live more fulfilling lives, Tonic saw the quality of work improve. It was not about the number of hours you spend in the agency but about the quality of the output.

But what has been the impact? Speak to their clients Audi, Roshan Telecom. S’wich, Wendy’s, DP World, Gulf Capital, DUBAL, Jumeirah or Emaar to name a few, and they will vouch that the work over the last year is some of the finest an agency has ever produced.

As a result Tonic is more competitive than ever. To taste this new found energy visit their website or judge for yourself by attending their seminar at the upcoming Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity.

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