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Top 5 tips to turn reviews into advertising

Reviews are one of the best ways businesses can use user generated content (UGC) as part of their advertising strategy. Using reviews, however, isn’t just about pulling a few for your front page. Here’s how to use reviews to boost the overall marketing strategy.

First, use ratings/reviews to boost organic and paid search

“Including reviews on product pages is one of the most effective ways to boost SEO. If you don’t appear in the top search results, customers will go to a competitor’s site to find the information they’re looking for, which can cost you the sale. Reviews can also positively impact paid search marketing efforts when star ratings are added to Product Listing Ads,” said Theresa O’Neil, SVP Marketing, PowerReviews.

Second, make reviews mobile friendly

“A recent BI Intelligence report predicts that mobile commerce will rise to 20.6 percent of overall e-commerce, (or $79 billion) in 2016. Mobile devices are now an integral part of both online and in-store shopping. Ninety percent of shoppers are using mobile devices to help make in-store purchase decisions. They expect mobile websites and apps to be responsive, load quickly and be user-friendly, meaning reviews should be easily accessible. It’s important that retailers provide access to mobile optimized reviews in order to establish a truly connected shopping experience,” said O’Neil.

Third, use Q&A to turn shoppers into brand advocates

“Shoppers inherently trust product reviews because they’re receiving feedback from people like themselves, and Q&A is the best way to collect this product information. For example, a new mother who is looking for information about the best clothing options for her baby will want to interact with other parents, reading about what worked best for them and their children or seeing a photo of how the product was used in the home. She will view other reviewers as a source of reliable information about children’s clothing and the retailer’s products. Foster trust and loyalty with your customers by providing space for them to connect and share information,” said O’Neil.

Fourth, use technology to deliver reviews in-store

“Providing the same online ratings and reviews in store has been proven to boost in-store engagement. In a recent survey, we found that 70 percent of US consumers want access to ratings and reviews while shopping in the brick and mortar locations, and more than 1 in 5 shoppers are open to receiving push notification if they improve the shopping experience. These technologies allow retailers to deliver personalized, context-driven information right to a shopper’s phone, when and where it will be most valuable,” said O’Neil.

Fifth, enhance traditional advertising initiatives

“It’s important that retailers don’t discount “old school” advertising as they transition to a more technology-focused strategy. User-generated content is a powerful tool that can support your more traditional marketing initiatives. Consider enhancing advertising campaigns with positive product reviews. Integrating these online and offline elements will help create a more cohesive marketing strategy,” said O’Neil. “For example, Duluth Trading Company had amassed over 12,000 5-star review for its Buck Naked Performance underwear. The company used these reviews to create an entire marketing campaign called Buck Naked Nation. The tongue-in-cheek campaign used reviews to create content from humorous videos to landing page hosted on the Duluth site.”

Data sourced by Bizreport

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