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Pavers England Announce US$50 Million Investment in GCC Expansion

Pavers England – the established heritage brand shoe store and a joint venture between UK based US$250 million Pavers Ltd. and the US$1.25 billion Foresight Group  – is set to open two stores in the UAE with plans to further expand into the wider GCC market. With the intention of reinvigorating the regional retail sector, Pavers England has committed to a US$50 million investment across the GCC, illustrating its confidence in the market and the positivity and resourcefulness that is intrinsic to its success. The first stores are set to open at the Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi and Al Ghurair Center in Dubai.

The recent debate on consumer spending in the region has led to concerns and questions about further economic growth. However, Pavers England are bucking the current trend and are meeting this environmental challenge with its much lauded positivity and can-do attitude. The company plans to open between seven and ten MENA stores in 2016, with a long-term vision of 100 stores over the next five years. 

Pavers England is renowned for offering an exceptional customer service and a unique brand experience, advocating top-quality, style, comfort, and durability. The brand enjoys great international success with 120 stores in UK and 40 stores in India where the brand has received several laurels and is the most admired single brand despite only expanding into the country in 2008.

“The Pavers brand has always been a symbol of legacy and stability and it is our hopes to bring this to the UAE and expand into the wider region where we see massive growth potential,” says Utsav Seth, Managing Director Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures.

“We are confident of becoming the customers’ first choice for premium footwear in the Gulf and will accomplish this with superior products of the best quality, and our amazing customer service offering,” said Stuart Pavers, President of Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures.

With his extensive and rich experience of the Middle East region, Mr. Dhiren Harchandani, CEO of Pavers Foresight Middle East Holdings believes that the brand will perform extremely well in the Gulf. “Consumers here are very savvy, they want quality, style, and fantastic service, they want it all, and they deserve it. These core values are in our DNA and is what distinguishes Pavers from the competition. Our lifetime guarantee on every product that leaves our stores highlights our commitment to quality.  When you own the brand, you’re automatically guided by principles that put the customer’s experience above everything else. We believe that our customer centric approach along with our commitment to the UAE and the greater region will be a key driver to our success” he said.

Pavers England, like its namesake brand, strives to establish long-term competitive advantages for sustained profitability everywhere it operates. It is an established heritage brand, one of Europe’s Fortune 500 companies, setting up 10 to 11 stores every year. It is also the only brand to sell on its dedicated TV channel – paversshoe.tv.

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