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Landmark Group launches LandmarkShops.in

Dubai-based retail conglomerate Landmark Group launches LandmarkShops.in — its flagship E-Commerce initiative

Shop for over 10,000 products from leading brands, Lifestyle and Max, in a simple, easy and secure experience

Landmark Group, Dubai-based retail and hospitality conglomerate, has launched its flagship E-Commerce initiative – LandmarkShops.in in India.

LandmarkShops.in is home to leading brands Lifestyle and Max. Designed and built completely in-house, LandmarkShops.in aspires to make shopping household Landmark Group brands simpler, easier and more convenient. Customers can browse and shop over 10,000 products across women, men and kids’ apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty products.

With a loyal customer base of over 10 million in India and channeling a healthy growth across its businesses, Landmark Group in India has been keen to not only maintain the level of growth but also tap into newer segments and expand its customer-base. E-Commerce definitely substantiates this strategy in India.

“We’re extremely delighted to launch LandmarkShops.in. Both Max and Lifestyle have a strong loyal customer base by the virtues of the customer experience, product offering and brand equity they have established over the years. With Landmarkshops.in we look forward to expanding the market of these brands bymaking them accessible to customers across the country, including the cities where these brands have yet not established a physical presence, as well as by offering customers the ease of shopping their favourite brands from the convenience of their own homes, 24X7”, says Kabir Lumba, Managing Director, Lifestyle International Private Limited.

Savitar Jagtiani, Business Head – Ecommerce, Landmarkshops.com added “LandmarkShops has grown immensely in the UAE over the last 3 years. We grew by 208% YoY in our second year and already crossed 100% in the first half of year three. The Indian E-commerce market is both massive and hyper-competitive. By sticking to our strengths — the power of our brands and Group, millions of customers, Landmark Rewards loyalty program with over 10M members and always delivering a world-class customer experience — we plan on growing rapidly, achieving profitability as soon as possible and creating a new generation of happy customers along the way.”

Lifestyle and Max have grown immensely over the years to become household brands thatcustomers love. Shoppers can now buy from the brands’ extensive offerings 24/7 on LandmarkShops.in, from the comfort of their homes. The convenience of shopping with Cash on Delivery is an added benefit. Customers can also experience lightning-fast 1-click shopping withFastPay. It makes checking out much faster and the process much simpler.

LandmarkShops.in lives up to the Landmark Group’s reputation that precedes it. Founded in 1973 the group has built many award-winning brands that millions of customers have come to love across the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian sub-continent. In keeping with the trust the group has builtover four decades, the site is secured by industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the shopping experience.

With the booming fashion and lifestyle industry and E-Commerce growing exponentially in India, the launch of LandmarkShops.in is a promising initiative by the Landmark Group – a natural progression from bricks-and-mortar to bricks-and-clicks. As an industry leader in the UAE’s E-Commerce space, the LandmarkShops team is committed to expanding this brand and delivering a genuinely world-class experience for millions of customers.

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