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Over 68% of Qatari consumers become aware of brands through road side billboards

Carat, the region’s fastest growing media network, has announced the Qatari results of it globally renowned Consumer Connection System (CCS); one of the world’s leading research, insight and planning tools which uncovers consumer attitudes towards the most important media channels and how those same consumers will engage and use any touch point that can influence buying behaviour.

In doing so, Carat has gained an unrivalled level of insight that moves beyond understanding media consumption: For the first time in Qatar, CCS has measured consumer interaction with the entire media landscape in a single study and examined how communication channels influence a decision making process across a wide range of specific industries. These invaluable insights into many of the traditional and new forms of communication touch points will help brands build accountability and effectiveness into their media planning. 

It is no surprise that social networking sites are an important digital touchpoint, but CCS highlights the need to have a social-engagement strategy that is integrated and geared towards generating earned media.  Nearly half (43%) of Qatari consumers are on social networking sites whenever they are online while 28% will interact with brands on a monthly basis through social networking sites. 

So what can brands do to ensure they are reaching their audience? It is now more important than ever for brands to create an immersive consumer journey on and offline that tells a story to their followers. The figures revealed that over 37% of Qatari consumers are likely to search for more information about a brand or product on the internet as a direct result of watching their TV advertisement, while 18% would search on social networks and 14% would visit the advertiser’s main website. 

Despite the ever growing importance of digital, traditional media still plays a vital role along the path to purchase. Insights into the Out Of Home space have show that 68% of Qatari consumers agree that billboards, posters and digital screens assist them in acquiring brand awareness, while 66% of consumers regularly recall Out of Home advertising on the streets and roads. 

This is the first time CCS data has been available for the Qatari market, having had its inaugural launch to the region in 2012. The research, along with Carat’s other proprietary tools, helps brands, in any sector or industry, understand the most effective touch points relevant to their target audience. 

CCS also includes comprehensive data on demographics, lifestyle habits, daily routines and brand information. The result is a far deeper level of actionable insight on attitudes towards specific media channels in the region, thereby introducing greater accountability into any integrated communications plan that incorporates bought, owned and earned media channels.   

Ramzi Haddad, Managing Director Carat UAE & Lowergulf said: “Over the past few years, since we launched CCS in the region, we have been able to showcase to our clients the breadth and depth of the capabilities of CCS.  This wealth of data is now available for the first time in Qatar and will enable the team on the ground to deliver those same insights that our clients have been utilising across the MENA region, giving them a truly competitive edge. With this level of information, Carat can introduce greater precision into its media plans and most importantly, integrate this information with the CCS Planning Tool to ensure an effective campaign is implemented each and every time.” 

Martin Boot, General Manager of Carat Qatar and Kuwait added:  “Our new offering will allow us to assist our existing and potential clients in obtaining truly cost efficient advertising that gives them the greatest return on investment. CCS will uncover nationally-representative insights which are not widely available in this market which will prove invaluable to brands who wish to instantly understand the Qatari consumer”. 

The results were announced at the Carat Qatar launch event on 24 November 2015 in Doha. 

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