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Predictions for 2015 holiday shopping

Over the next 10 weeks shoppers will hit retail stores and online sites like they’re…well, like they’re running out of time. Experts with Urban Airship believe they’ve identified some key trends to expect during the holiday rush.

First, look for Cyber Week to become Cyber Month.

“Successful retailers will start engaging customers with mobile holiday promotions much earlier. Mobile plays a significant role in pre-shopping research and retailers will move beyond last year’s “day of, in the moment” focus to grow consideration and tap into consumer engagement rates that last year were highest the weekend before Thanksgiving,” writes Urban Airship.

Second, look for push notifications to become more prevalent.

According to Urban Airship experts mobile will play a huge part in the 2015 holidays, and part of that will be push notifications. They predict not only flash/daily sales to be pushed to shoppers but also gifting guides and sale previews. This, because response rates to push notifications in 2014 increased 100% YoY.

Third, look for more mobile personalization.

“Targeted notifications have a 4 to 7 times greater response rate than messages broadcast to all users. A Cyber Month mentality will enable retailers to get precise about what most interests particular shoppers to tailor follow-on messaging campaigns. For example, what product categories did they spend the most time checking out in your gift guide, what did they buy last year, which sections of the store do they visit most frequently, and much more. From the consumer’s perspective, it’s much more valuable to know that the 50% door buster sale includes top products that are on their list,” writes the company.

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