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60% of retailers plan to start holiday promos this month

A survey among retailers in the U.S. and U.K. reveals that nearly 60% will start their holiday promotions this month and more than a quarter plan to offer more holiday promotions this year than last.

ChannelAdvisor’s 2015 Online Retail Survey shows that most retailers are planning to begin their holiday promotions this month (September) to push for earlier sales and keep ahead of the competition.

Fifty-nine percent of retailers surveyed said they will kick off promotions this month, although some had already started as early as July.

“It will be interesting to see if consumers respond to early holiday promotions again this year and get out their wallets before Thanksgiving,” said Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor Executive Chairman.

Retailers depend heavily on strong holiday performance. For nearly a quarter (74%) of retailers, 20% of annual sales are generated during the holiday season. When asked which day was the most profitable, 47% of U.K. retailers and 41% of U.S. said Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday (U.K. 17% / U.S. 36%).

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