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Annalect MENA signs exclusive partnership with Ensighten

Annalect MENA – Omnicom Media Group MENA’s data, technology and analytics division – has partnered with Ensighten, the world’s leader in enterprise data and tag management, to bring first-party data insights to the region’s advertisers. This partnership is designed to help them improve the efficiency and ROI of their brand campaigns.

The Ensighten Open Marketing Platform enables brands to collect, own and act on data from everywhere – on-site, off-site, mobile and offline – so that digital marketers can provide personalized experiences in real time to consumers on any device or marketing channel. This unified view of consumers delivers increased efficiencies and improved ROI across marketing campaigns.

The combination of Ensighten and the Annalect data management platform (DMP) will allow Omnicom clients in the MENA region to harness the power of the Ensighten platform to collect, analyse, mine and extrapolate user interactions. This analysis is key to understand which marketing channels are performing best and ultimately enhance the ROI of digital marketing. A number of local and multinational brands have already deployed Ensighten’s tag management solution.

“Ensighten’s open marketing platform is changing the way brands collect, own and act on data generated across the customer journey in real time. What was until now a disparate array of ad tech solutions will now work synergistically as one with Ensighten,” explained Omnicom Media Group MENA’s CEO, Elie Khouri. “Marketers will now operate with a much richer set of data and analytics, resulting in better insights from which to tailor consumer experiences and optimize budget allocation and marketing mix decisions. We’re very excited at the new opportunities Ensighten’s technology will create for brands here.”

“Infusing Annalect’s expertise and technology into the Ensighten Open Marketing Platform provides marketers with the unique ability to derive powerful insights and act on them in real time,” said David Saxon, Vice President of Partner Sales and Business Development at Ensighten. “In a competitive environment smart and timely actions make all the difference and we’re proud to help Annalect deliver more relevant and personalized consumer experiences across the entire customer journey. Our exclusive partnership with Annalect will enable Omnicom clients within the MENA region to have a competitive advantage when it comes to building one-to-one customer relationships.”

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