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Paladion unveils its brand new logo

Paladion, a specialized information risk-management provider, introduces the company’s new corporate logo. The rebranding of the logo reflects a blend of simplicity, intelligence, direction and attention to detail. The company has gained a firm hold over international markets as a security specialist through innovation, technology and modern research and development practices. It has steadily extended its portfolio to serve a plethora of clients across sectors. The new branding exemplifies how the brand has evolved over the years and emerged as an industry forerunner geared up to enter a new phase of its journey. 

Firosh Ummer, Managing Director, EMEA, Paladion Networks, said: “Today’s evolving cyber threat landscape looks radically different from the Virus outbreaks, Trojans and Worms that characterized the late 80’s and 90’s. Paladion has been an Information Security Provider for over 15 years, and our security analysts have witnessed legacy systems and traditional approaches fail in the face of creative malcodes and continuously adapted to it to protect customers from heavily armed, multi-faceted and strategically deployed attacks. These constantly shuffling approaches and strategies have given shape to a new culture and practice at Paladion. A change therefore was in order. The new brand and values reflect these advancements in the way we do things.”  

The new logo accurately indicates the newfangled values and mission of the company in its role as an industry leader. The bold font and color embody the fundamentals of solidity and leadership while signifying power, confidence, passion and sophistication. An amalgamation of these elements together, undeniably reflects the beliefs and zeal of the company. 

With robust knowledge of current security risks, threat and vulnerabilities affecting modern enterprises, Paladion is now a dominant force in the market. In view of this, the logo had to correspond with its accomplishments and therefore Paladion gave this vital symbol a significant makeover. 

The growth enjoyed by the company in these years has been almost incidental, as it concentrated on customer-focused innovation, which still remains its primary driving force. The new logo represents the collective vision of Paladion’s bright future.

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