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Making waves at Cannes

As the prestigious Lions at the 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity are being announced, the agency from the UAE that is making its presence felt is the young, two year old WPP firm – Geometry Global. Born out of the merger between G2, OgilvyAction and JWTAction, Geometry Global with its specialization in Precision Activation is showing the world the metal it is made of.

One Gold, two Silver and three Bronze Lions is definitely an impressive start. And this is when we are only on day 2 of the awards. Two more days of awards and expectations from them are soaring high.

Their award winning campaigns are: 

Lucky Iron Fish (Dubai) 


In a bid to tackle iron deficiency in Cambodia, it was discovered that cooking with a block of iron can help increase iron intake. The challenge was to encourage people to cook with that block of iron but by shaping it into a fish (a symbol of good luck in Cambodia) its usage was encouraged. The outcome was a 50% drop in iron deficiency after 9 months and 2.6 billion global media impressions

Handle on Hygiene (Dubai) 


Research found that shopping trolley handles contain harmful germs including e.coli. Their team in Dubai developed an innovative device that applies Lifebuoy (Unilever) sanitizer across the handle before use. This has been implemented in Carrefour across the Middle East, increasing Lifebuoy sales by 53%.

Back Off Radio (Dubai)


Tailgating is a huge cause of accidents globally. Back Off Radio worked with RTA (The Road and Traffics Authority in Dubai) to develop a device that, when fitted to vehicles, issues a message via the radio to tell the driver behind to back off if he approaches too closely. So far, 32,440 messages have been delivered, creating 360 million global media impressions. More importantly, there has been a 14.8% drop in tailgating accidents (the first drop in four years).

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