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Highly relevant and engaging experiences in real time- A true need for all marketers

More advertisers are looking to personalization to make a difference in their online campaigns. That according to new Evergage data which shows more than 80% of marketers surveyed are either now using or planning to implement personalization strategies over the next year.

Marketers say they’ll deploy personalized ad strategies across desktop and mobile as well as mobile and web applications. Segmentation based on type of content and location are the leading ways brands plan to personalize.

“Personalization is an age-old concept, but extending the customized experience to online visitors in real time – based on deep customer analytics – is a new way to ensure each and every interaction with a prospective customer is relevant and engaging,” said Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage. “When nearly 90% of marketers realize lift from personalization initiatives, it’s clear that those who embrace this strategy will outperform those who do not.”

Some interesting findings from the report include:

•42% say they ‘are not use’ real time personalization now

•78% say they’ll ‘begin using’ real time personalization over the next year

•86% say they’ve seen increased engagement from personalization

As to what marketers hope to see from personalization initiatives, most are focused on engagement. Three-quarters say they expect to see increased visitor engagement or improved customer experience while 60% say they expect to increase lead generation. About half (54%) expect those increases to top the 10% mark.

“The primary challenges to successfully using personalization underscore the importance of developing business intelligence, customer analytics, testing and personalization tools that marketers can use without the help of IT or data scientists,” Wirth continued. “Marketers need to be able to easily access a well-rounded view of customer information, and act on it to calibrate and deliver highly relevant and engaging experiences in real time, every time.”

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