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FCB Cape Town TVC Helps Savanna Launch New Bottle

A cast of stars from previous commercials in an FCB Cape Town ad for Savanna is helping to launch the leading cider brand’s new bottle, which includes a new shape, logo, closure and is debossed1.

From the Savanna Dark ad, there’s Kagiso; from the Angry Lemon spot, there’s Rob van Vuuren (sans the enormous fake hipster beard from that execution); and tying it all together is the laconically dry Savanna spokesperson, David Fynn.

In an attention-grabbing dance-off inspired by the musical, West Side Story, Rob and his crew are convinced that the new bottle is ‘cooler’. While Kagiso and his crew are adamant it’s ‘bolder’. David sets them straight by reminding them that – inside – it’s the same crisp cider that they know and love.

The agency’s executive creative director, Mike Barnwell, explains: “Its iconic packaging in its unique shaped bottle, together with its quirky personality have made Savanna a firm favourite and is today the 3rd biggest cider in the world.

“But, after nearly 20 years, it was time for an update. In typically dry Savanna style, we didn’t see the need to make a whole song and dance about it though.

“After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. And thankfully Savanna still tastes exactly the same. ‘It’s new on the outside. Still dry on the inside’.”

The TVC was shot in Cape Town by Bruno Bossi of Carbon Films while Ricky Boyd (Editor: Deliverence), Rob Schroder (Robroy Music) and Arnold Vermaak (We Love Jam) were the wizards of post-production.

Savanna global marketing manager, Tania Kotze, details the brand’s history and standing: “Savanna Dry Cider was launched in May 1996 and has changed people’s perceptions because back then everything was in cans. Drinking beer out of a bottle also became cool in the USA around this time. The name was dry like the African savannah.

“In May 2000, Savanna introduced a lower alcohol option with its Light variant. With only 3% alcohol, it offered consumers a healthier option.

The tradition is that Savanna is best served ice-cold with a lemon wedge in the neck of the bottle and this ritual stems from the famous bartender Dale Raines who introduced the idea at the La Med bar in Cape Town, South Africa. And all who drink Savanna loyally follow this custom.

Savanna is one of South Africa’s favourite drinks and is currently enjoyed in more than 40 countries across the globe.

The ad breaks on national television this week and can be viewed on the brand’s web site.

Creative Credits:

Agency: FCB Cape Town

Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell

Creative Director: Aaron Harris

Copywriter: Chris de Villiers

Art Director: Brendon Barnard

Agency Producer: Sarah Southey

Account Director/Deputy MD: Elizanne Rauch

Director: Bruno Bossi (Carbon Films)

Producer: Kirsten Clarence (Carbon Films)

Editor: Ricky Boyd (Deliverence Post Production)

Music: Rob Schroder (Robroy Music)

Sound: Arnold Vermaak (We Love Jam)

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