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International brand Eric Favre Paris Sets Up Footprint in the UAE

A well-established international brand, Eric Favre Paris, successfully marked its presence in the United Arab Emirates at their headquarters in Al Quoz, Dubai. The company has disclosed to press their cutting edge innovation and research which has made them a major player in the world of organic and natural food supplements and cosmetics.

Eric Favre Paris is known for using only the best vegetal & natural raw materials. A specialized research and development team carefully examines every single detail from the development to the production at the company’s own laboratory in France. In more than 20 years of expertise, they have mastered the technique of plant extraction and the entire manufacturing chain, which enables them to distribute the products worldwide. 

“Nature is at the heart of our innovation as well as quality and efficiency,” said Virginie Mounier, Eric Favre Paris Head of General Management. “All our products undergo a strict quality control and certifications from various French and European body. We wanted to provide our customers safe, healthy and well-tested products,” she added.

According to reports, UAE’s natural and organic skincare segment is said to touch US$100 million sales by 2016. Virginie explained “The Middle East is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing markets in the world for natural and organic products. Thus, we see a great potential to expand our business here.”

At the event, Eric Favre Paris showcased two of their innovative products – Push Up Buttocks Sculpting Gel, the newest firming & shaping gel; and Eric Favre Wellness, a two plant-based program for slimming and maintaining good health. 

Push-Up Buttocks Sculpting Gel

The Push Up Buttocks Sculpting Gel is a multi-action complex shaping gel. It shapes and firms up your behind up to +69%. With continuous use, the product lifts up the buttocks and shapes it by increasing the synthesis of collagen and fibronectins. At the same time, the gel firms and tones your bum as it eliminates excess water with its active ingredients. Dermatologically tested, it shows a significant reduction of stretch marks by 72%.

Eric Favre Wellness comprises of two programs which aides in burning fats and promotes good health. 

The slimming and weight loss program is a complete program to help men and women lose up to 4 kilos over a short period of just 8 days. It has three steps (1st) Detoxify the body in 7 days; (2nd) The Losing Weight Program in 8 days; and (3rd) Lose & maintain a healthy weight in 30 days. 

The health & wellbeing program is a 3-step regimen to help the body cleanse naturally, regain vitality and promote good digestion.

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