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Sedar opens the curtain to Franchise

Sedar, one of the leading brands in the world of window fashion sets the grounds for potential franchise partners around the globe. Over the last four decades, Sedar has developed and successfully introduced countless designs and product concepts to the industry. This year Sedar expands its operations by offering franchise opportunities to different market segments in the region and the globe. 

“The Sedar franchise partner can expect to deliver the highest quality window fashions at competitive prices. From simple mini blinds to opulent and embellished drapes, the options for beautifying a client’s home are endless.” Said Anwar Selo, Director of Franchise Operations “The Sedar franchise network will be constantly enriched with new product concepts and designs to stay ahead in the industry. Throughout its history, Sedar has built solid relationships with the world’s leading designers and suppliers; ensuring great quality and value are passed to the franchise partners at all times.” 

Sedar also operates to specific standards to ensure a consistent brand image, product quality, and client experience. This gives the franchise partner an easier approach to this business. The Sedar brand caters to residential and commercial projects in all sectors, serving a multicultural base of middle to high-end clients.

Sedar Management Guarantees a Solid Support system:

Sedar management guarantees a solid support system to all their franchise partners by providing the overall coordination and planning for the Sedar franchise system. Sedar Management provides franchise partners with in-depth know-how, starting with an initial training at Sedar headquarters. 

Sedar guarantees a smooth launch and a long-term plan to all its franchise partners:

In order to ensure that the franchise partner is taking the correct steps towards the beginning of operations, Sedar will walk with them step-by-step using a detailed schedule. The process will detail all activities and milestones up to the opening of their first store. 

Sedar is the regions most popular brand in the world of window fashion and soft furnishings. With business heritage since 1892, the Sedar brand was launched in 1975 to cater to the window fashion industry.

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