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Shoppers want mobile alerts, not location targeting

Online and mobile shoppers like their email discounts and online coupons. But, according to one new report, they aren’t so keen on retailers tracking them via mobile location targeting. According to the study more than half of online/mobile shoppers choose to buy online because they get better deals than if they shop in-store.

Researchers with PricewaterhouseCoopers recently surveyed more than 1,000 shoppers around the globe to find out what pushed them to shop in the online space. More than half (52%) said they chose to buy online because prices/deals were better while 47% said they could shop 24/7 online but not in-store. Only about one-third said they were happy/comfortable with retailers using their mobile phone for location targeting.

Some other interesting findings from the report include:

•76% say they browse in-store because they ‘want to see/touch’ the item before buying online

•65% say they browse online but purchase in-store because they don’t want to pay shipping costs

•45% say they’d like to be able to check competitor prices, availability

•19% want real time, personalized offers

•40% prefer paying via debit/credit card

Meanwhile NCH Marketing is reporting on coupon use for CPG brands in 2014; according to their numbers CPG couponing increased nearly 3% in 2014. Their data shows shoppers saved more than $3 billion over the course of the year. Roughly two-thirds of CPG coupons were for non-food items; about 4% of coupons redeemed were digital.

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