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Business taps into top talent from London Business School

Ninety-three per cent of this year’s MBA graduates from London Business School accepted job offers within three months of graduation and 26 started their own businesses, according to the latest employment figures from the School.

The School’s MBA employment report, published today, shows another strong year for the School’s MBA graduates who have secured full-time employment.  Of the 93% who accepted job offers within three months of graduating, 28% went into finance, 32% took up took up consulting sector roles and for the third year running, the largest number (40%) went into the corporate sectors. 

In the corporate sectors, internet and e-commerce, together with high-tech and telecommunications, have held their appeal attracting 16% of the 40% of graduates who accepted offers from the corporate sectors. Amazon alone recruited 18 MBA graduates from the School.

MBA 2014 graduates from the School are now working in 76 cities in 40 countries around the world with Europe, excluding the UK (19%) and Asia (11%), now the most popular destinations after the UK.

“Our MBA equips students to work anywhere in the world as proven by the number of graduates (52%) who have gone to work outside the UK this year”, said Lara Berkowitz, Executive Director, Career Services, London Business School.

“This year we hosted the second annual Asia Careers Fair at London Business School in collaboration with four other top European business schools. We invited employers across all sectors to give our students a real insight into the Asian market.”

The School also saw 98% of 2014 graduates secure internships over the summer months.

The School’s MBA remains firmly among the top players in the world. In 2014 the School was once again ranked number one in Europe by the Financial Times.

More information, including details of the locations and sectors the School’s graduates have secured roles in, is available here

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