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Trimming the Fat:How to have a Lean Marketing Mix

Dieting and losing unwanted weight is the mother of all resolutions every year; almost everyone gears up for a healthier lifestyle. It’s tough and for a lot of people, including myself, we usually fall off the rails after the first few months, and then attempt to get back on track before the end of the year. Eat right, exercise daily, eat right again, more exercise, rinse and repeat.

As with your marketing mix, a lot can happen in a calendar year. Making sure plans follow through over the whole year is a challenge every marketer faces. Unexpected roadblocks and challenges will always pop up.

It is very important to evaluate which programs worked well in the past. Make the call in taking out what’s unnecessary and unfitting in your marketing plan, and analyze which campaigns, events, and programs did not maximize a positive ROI.

Check the Scale

It’s best to know how much weight you need (and want) to lose so you have an objective in mind.  Similarly, it’s important to set marketing goals and answer the question “What does ‘success’ mean?” Having clear business objectives, marketing goals, and KPIs for the year will help you and your team plan accordingly.

It’s All about Nutrition

Experts, my mom, my best friend, and pretty much everyone tells me that 80% of losing weight is dependent on nutrition. After the holidays (and all the treats), I have to evaluate my diet program and take out what’s unhealthy. When it comes to your marketing, pass on campaigns, events, and programs that did not lead to the success you were hoping over the past year. This will free up your budget and allow you to allocate resources to another program that you know works.

Don’t Forget Your Fitness Program

Let’s get physical! Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Exercise programs are geared to build endurance and strength, so it’s important to have the right one that, mind the pun, fits your goals. Take on programs that will help you meet—or even better, beat—your objectives. Whether they’re related to brand awareness, lead generation, and/or sales, maximize and optimize your efforts without going over budget. Also be sure to take advantage of low hanging fruit that can be quick wins.

Strong Support System

Developing a healthy lifestyle is a marathon. It goes the same with establishing a healthy marketing plan. You will encounter bumps on the road, become demotivated, and sometimes programs just won’t work no matter how much you prepare for them.

This is where strong leadership gives way to fruitful relationships. It’s key to align yourself with a supportive team and leaders that will help see you through challenges. Marketing is never a one-person band; be a team player and always work with others to meet your objectives. These intangibles will empower you and having trust in your support system will enable you to succeed and achieve your goals for the year.

All in all, have clear, concise, and realistic goals for your marketing plan. Exercise and test what works and what doesn’t. Keep plans lean and mean, avoid unnecessary gimmicks, and ensure that your programs are in line with your business objectives. Taking a strategic approach to your marketing (and personal) health will position your team for a successful year.



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