27 May 2024 09:41

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Millward Brown Launches LinkNow Copy-Testing Solution for TV

Fast, Cost-Effective Offer Assesses Ad Effectiveness in as Few as Six Hours

Millward Brown, the world’s leading expert in helping clients grow great brands, today launched LinkNow, a quick, cost-effective copy-testing solution for TV that delivers results in as few as six hours. Powered by learning from Millward Brown’s industry-leading Link™ solution, which, since inception, has evaluated more than 100,000 ads globally, LinkNow provides marketers with an efficient option to quickly and cost-effectively assess the strength of an ad.

“Marketers today are asked to develop and test more creative executions to reach consumers across countless channels, while, at the same time, they’re under pressure to tighten budgets, make decisions more quickly than ever, and, of course prove ROI,” said Daren Poole, Global Brand Director, Creative Development, Millward Brown. “Clients love the comprehensiveness of Link, including its deep diagnostics and integrated neuroscience, but they often require a quick assessment to understand an ad’s effectiveness. LinkNow for TV is innovative in its ability to quickly and cost-effectively deliver evaluative metrics, and we are delighted to introduce it to clients.”

LinkNow is available today via ZappiStore, and is Millward Brown’s second self-service offer available on the platform. It follows the 2014 launch of eStatic from Millward Brown, which tests print and outdoor ads. Clients can access LinkNow directly from the ZappiStore site, or work with Millward Brown if they require enhanced LinkNow service and metrics.

“We are excited to expand our self-service portfolio and complement our range of full service solutions,” continued Poole. “Whether clients seek full diagnostics and optimization advice for a new brand or campaign launch, a quick read on an ad’s strength or something in between, Millward Brown’s comprehensive Link for TV suite – Link, LinkExpress and LinkNow – is unmatched in helping advertisers evaluate and optimize their creative assets.”

LinkNow delivers, via dashboard, metrics to help marketers evaluate an ad’s effectiveness in three key areas:

Engagement: understand the creative impact of your ad, how well your ad will capture people’s attention and how strongly it is linked to your brand.

Brand Associations: gauge if associations you intend your ad to build will stick in people’s minds.

Brand Predisposition: assess the impact on your brand – both short- and long-term equity.

Clients contracting for additional LinkNow service will also receive validated summary measures of short- and long-term sales effectiveness.

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