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New aljazeera.com launched

New site is sharper and more shareable

Al Jazeera English has relaunched aljazeera.com, giving prominence to its most important real-time reporting with a new polished design.

“Welcome to the new aljazeera.com. We had one thing in mind when we redesigned our website: You. We want to enable you to better access, share and engage with our very best content from around the world. Across the website, we’ve made it easier for you to access the content that appeals most to you” comments Wilfrid Dinnick, Executive Producer of Online.  “We want your experience to be rich, informative and customised to your interest.”

Highlights of the new changes include:

‘Editor’s picks’; highlighting the most original reporting of the day — the stories you won’t find anywhere else

The left side of the homepage is the ‘fast  lane’;  this is a real time feed of everything we publish. It is also a live blog during breaking news events, enabling our news teams to share their latest, most definitive journalism from the field. The team of online editors will regularly update it with notes about the news we are currently chasing.

An icon on the article pages that highlights when AJE journalists have added new information to the stories

A new column on the right side of our homepage where you’ll find the latest episodes of our award-winning shows and documentaries – which remain entirely free to view

AlJazeera.com has a consistent look whether viewed on smartphones, tablets and from your computer, but optimized for each screen and browser.

The new design also makes content more sharable.

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