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South Koreans share branded video content the fastest worldwide

No other country shares faster, with a fifth of shares occurring in first 24 hours; Japan also has lowest % of video views on YouTube and Indonesia has the highest share rate in South East Asia

South Koreans share branded video content faster than any other country worldwide.

That’s according to a new report from marketing technology company Unruly, which found that on average a branded video campaign in South Korea attracts almost a fifth (20%) of its total shares in the first 24 hours – much higher than the global average of 13%. Norwegians share the fastest in the first 3 days of launch, attracting 57% of shares versus 52% in South Korea. 

For marketers hoping to make their ads the talk of the web in South Korea, it makes the first few hours even more crucial. 

Unruly’s Geography of Sharing Report, which identifies key online video sharing trends from around the world, also found that more than three-quarters of global video views are now taking place outside of YouTube (source: comScore). Japan has the lowest percentage of YouTube views of the territories examined, with 80.7% of its views occurring outside of the Google-owned platform.

The report also found that video viewers in South Korea (28%) are more likely to click, replay or share an ad than any other territory worldwide, while Indonesians and Filipinos are the most likely in South East Asia to share an ad (3.78% vs 2.47% respectively). Meanwhile, viewers in Singapore are the most likely across South East Asia to watch an ad until the end, with a 71% complete rate. 

Phil Townend, Unruly’s APAC MD, said: “Using the right mix of emotional and social triggers, social video campaigns can cross geographical and linguistic borders and be used to kick-start global conversations. However, local activation is the key to success and this is where data-driven insight, revealing the subtle differences in sharing habits by market and by demographic, can propel campaigns to global success and protect brands from making a cultural faux pas.”

Other highlights from the report include:  

• The speed of sharing has nearly doubled over the past 12 months. In 2013, 22.3% of shares of the top video ad campaigns occurred within the first three days. In 2014, that number has increased to 42.4% (source: Unruly Analytics™);

• Almost one in five (17.9%) internet users around the world share videos with their social networks more than once a week; 

• The video ecosystem is fragmented. While the majority of video shares (59.4%) worldwide take place on Facebook, viewers share across a multitude of platforms, including Twitter (13.8%), Google+ (9.3%), Tumblr (5.7%) and Pinterest (3.9%);

• Happiness is the most effective emotional trigger for global campaigns, social motivations to share are more culturally dependent; 

• Viewers in South East Asia and Brazil are more likely than viewers in other territories to share a video ad with all of their social media contacts, rather than narrowcast share an ad with select friends; 

• Viewers in Germany are more likely to watch an ad to the end. 79% of Germans who watched an ad stayed till the final frame. The UK was in second place with 77% (source: Unruly Activate™). Viewers in Singapore are the most likely across South East Asia to watch an ad until the end, with a 71% complete rate. 

Townend added: “Our data shows that for brands wanting to extend their audience reach and maximise earned media on their video campaigns, targeting super-sharers across a broad range of platforms greatly increases their chances of success.”


Data from the report derives from:  

• The Unruly Viral Video Chart™, which has tracked more than 521 billion video views since 2006;

• Unruly Analytics™, a cloud-hosted platform which tracks 3,100 brands across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the blogosphere;

• Unruly ShareRank, an algorithm containing 250,000+ panel-based consumer data points; 

• Unruly Activate, programmatic video distribution platform which allows advertisers to engage 1.27 billion people across the Open Web.

Territories included in the report are: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, South East Asia, Sweden, South Korea, UK and the US. 

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