23 Jun 2024 04:58

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‘Saudi Arabia’ the Key Growing Power Rental Market in Middle East

Increasing infrastructure, emerging manufacturing sector, growing construction activities, high demand for electricity and power requirement in remote areas are the prime factors that are spurring the market  for power rental in Saudi Arabia. With changing government policies many business houses are foreseeing tremendous growth opportunities in the country, which has resulted into establishment of many new industries in the country in the last few years.

In Saudi Arabia, generators are either used for prime or standby purposes, completely depending upon the grid connectivity. The demand-supply gap in off-grid areas, massive infrastructure development and need in utilities segment have boosted the Saudi Arabia’s power rental market.

According to 6Wresearch, “Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market (2014-2020)” report, power rental market in Saudi Arabia is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.3% during 2014-20. In the growth of overall power rental market, diesel generators rental market has accounted for majority of the market revenues. Easy availability of diesel has poised the growth of diesel generators on rent in the country; however, in the forecast period, a shift in demand is anticipated towards gas powered generators.

Government initiatives towards reducing emission of greenhouse gases is expected to boost the demand for gas generators in the country, thus driving the gas generators rental market. Though, diesel generators rental market would continue to maintain its dominance through the forecast period.

In Saudi Arabia’s power rental market, utilities, oil & gas and industrial & construction applications generated more than 80% of the market revenues in 2013, wherein, eastern, central and western regions contributed significantly in the overall market share.

The key players in Saudi Arabia’s power rental market include- Aggreko, Enerco, APR Energy, Hertz, Byrne Investments, Peax, Zahid Tractors, Cummins Olayan Energy and RSS.

“Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market (2014–2020)” report estimates and forecast overall Saudi Arabia power rental market by revenue, by generator types such as diesel and gas generators. Market by KVA ratings- Below 100 KVA, 100.1 KVA- 350 KVA, 350.1 KVA-750 KVA, 750 KVA-1000 KVA and Above 1000 KVA. Applications such as utilities, oil & gas, industrial & construction, quarrying and Mining and others. Regions such as south, east, west and central. The report also gives the insights on competitive landscape, market share by companies, market trends, rental trends, company profiles, market drivers and restraints

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