23 Jun 2024 04:31

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Cheil Worldwide presented “Color Therapy,” campaign at the opening of ISEA

At the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), which is a global leading event for new media and interactive arts, Cheil Worldwide presented an eye-catching performance at Dubai’s Zayed University, last night.

The performance involved about 50 volunteering participants in an orchestrated gathering whose electronically choreographed umbrellas responded to the ‘emotion-color’ of passers-by and tied into the video installation on the large scale screen. To put simply, when a passer-by entered his or her emotion into the Galaxy Tab S, it was immediately visualized on the giant screen and the umbrellas. 

Ms. Heesun Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, HQ said: “Through this performance, people can feel the connection and experience the way that Samsung provides consumers with the optimal visual experience through the Galaxy Tab S. In addition, what makes the performance meaningful is that it goes beyond product promotion. By combining latest technology and art, it communicates with people, delivering and reading their emotions.” 

Anis Zantout, Regional Digital Director of Cheil MENA added: “As one of the leading marketing solutions companies, Cheil has been at the forefront of integrating data, such as location, proximity, part of the day, context (from weather to the day of the week) with out-of-home advertising and activations to provide real-time creative solutions for passersby. The performance provokes an emotional response tied with a strong perception shift for Samsung around being personal and innovative.”

The Color Therapy campaign was originally designed for the global launching of Samsung Galaxy Tab S across 6 major cities, including New York, Milan and Singapore. Cheil and Samsung created customized graphics to represent each city’s unique character and vibe; the display in New York, for example, represented the busy flow of the city, counterbalancing the temperature and humidity. The campaign in London was accompanied by an “umbrella performance”, which was re-played at the ISEA in Dubai, to reflect the Britishness of weather – raindrops hitting the ground. 

The gadget has been hailed for its premium design with thinness and lighter weight. Its Super AMOLED, in particular, reproduces colors that match up to more than 90% of nature’s true palette, enabling users to enjoy videos, pictures, and other various contents in their true colors. Therefore it is the best matched product for the performance making human emotions come to life. 

ISEA is a leading platform for new media and interactive and creative arts. The overarching theme of ISEA2014 ‘Location’ explores strands such as Technology, Science & Art East Meets West, Emerging Economies/Emerging Identities, Nomadic Shifts and Digital Archaeology and Collaborative Spaces. 

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