23 May 2024 20:49

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Technology Brands Top The Middle East

Global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale today announced Google, YouTube and Samsung are the best performing brands in the Middle East in their fifth annual Global Brand Simplicity Index™ which evaluates the state, significance and impact of simplicity of brands.

Key findings:

– German owned discount supermarket chain ALDI topped the list as the world’s simplest brand for the second year running and fellow German companies Lidl and Miele also made the top 10.

– All Retail segments including grocery, general, banks and health and beauty indexed lower in the Middle East than the Global average.

– With an Industry Ranking of only 14th versus a global position of 4th Internet Retailers were especially poorly represented in the region with the exception of Souq.com, up 41 places from 2013 to number 13 in the Brand Simplicity Index.

– With 88 percent of online consumers in the Middle East using a social networking site every day*, Social Media ranks 3rd in the Industry Rankings in the Middle East versus 16th position globally, with YouTube and Facebook represented in the top 10 brands. LinkedIn is the most challenging social network to understand however, ranked 90 out of 120 brands in the Middle East.

– Up to 55 percent of consumers in the Middle East are willing to pay more for a simpler experience versus 38 percent globally.

– 70 percent of consumers globally are more likely to recommend a brand because it’s simple.

– Data from the past five years shows a stock portfolio comprised of the publicly traded simplest brands in the Global Top 10 outperforms the major indexes by 170 percent.

– In the most complex industries, consumers are twice as likely to call a representative to find information than in less complex industries, resulting in increased expenditure on customer care.

* source: www.go-gulf.ae

Philip Davies, President, EMEA comments “With its diverse cultural make-up, the Middle East region has a very specific requirement for brands to deliver a simple experience. A significantly larger percentage of Middle Eastern consumers are willing to pay more for a simpler experience than the global average, proving brands are losing money by not simplifying.” 

Zouheir Zoueihed, Associate Director, Relationship Management at Siegel+Gale Dubai adds “Google remains the region’s unrivaled search engine at  number 1 on the Middle East Simplicity Index for the second year. Respondents say Google’s user-friendly platforms make daily living easier. A member of the Google family, YouTube retains the number 2 position by continuing to connect with the Middle East’s sizeable tech-savvy youth population. Respondents find YouTube “easy and fun”, like the multi-lingual interface and being part of Google makes access very easy. Samsung holds steady at number 3 by continuing to innovate but remaining “easy to handle” and, “keeping pace with the times” according to our panel.”

This year saw the addition of a new “Disrupters” category to the report, acknowledging the impact of a new generation of challenger brands starting to enter the Middle East market such as online taxi firm Uber. The success of these emerging brands can often be attributed to the fact that they address an existing problem and solve it in the simplest way possible, putting the consumer experience first.

The 2014 Global Brand Simplicity Index™ Top 10 Brands in the Middle East

1. Google

Google is number 1 once again. Respondents say Google’s user-friendly platforms—including YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome browser and Gmail—make daily living easier by delivering quick and simple access to information and content at any time.

2. YouTube

YouTube, number 2 for the second year running, continues to connect with the Middle East’s sizeable youth population. Respondents say it’s “easy and fun” and being part of Google makes access very easy, while the multi-lingual interface makes it more accessible

3. Samsung

At number 3 for the second year, Samsung is benefitting from increased Internet penetration and the continuous rollout of sleek devices like Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Tab. Respondents say Samsung products are “easy to handle” and, “keep pace with the times” while still remaining simple to use.

4. Sony

Sony jumps four spots from number 8 last year to number 4 this year. Despite its recent struggles in the global marketplace, the brand still has a good reputation in the Middle East where respondents praise the brand’s customer service, and its wide range of innovative and easy to use products in general.


Panda’s leap of 22 spots to number 5 this year on the Middle East Simplicity Index speaks volumes about the retail chain, which is expanding across Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Consumers say Panda is “present everywhere,” conveniently offering a wide range of products “under one roof.”


McDonald’s rejoins the top 10 this year with respondents naturally citing its “no-fuss” approach to dining where “you get exactly what you pay for—nothing more, nothing less.” The fast-and-easy ethos, the proliferation of branches, easy access and the simple menu make McDonald’s once again a Top 10 finisher.

7. Dell

Computer technology giant Dell rises to number 7 on the Middle East Simplicity Index, up from number 14 last year, with a renewed focus on delivering a reliable product that’s both cost and user-efficient. It seems like that’s clicking with respondents who characterize the company’s products as high quality, economically priced and user friendly.

8. HP

HP is enjoying significant growth in the Middle East as a major provider of computing, printing, imaging and server equipment and rising in the ranks on the Simplicity Index. Respondents say their experience with HP just feels simple, with high-quality, customizable products for work and home that are “almost plug and play.”

9. Yahoo!

While Google is still the leader of the pack, Yahoo! is once again making gains. The brand has been restructuring for the past two years, offering more products and services like the Yahoo! Weather app that make things simpler and richer for users. Respondents say Yahoo! is easy to navigate, making communication “simple and splendid.”

10. Facebook

Facebook leaps into the Top 10 this year, bolstered by increased internet and smart device penetration in the Middle East. Respondents praise the site for its “great simplicity and speed,” which allows them to “communicate in an easy and fast way with relatives and friends across the whole country.”

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