27 May 2024 10:01

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Eros Group to tap into $330 million Lighting market in UAE

Eros Group, the official distributor of world-renowned brands Samsung, Hitachi, TCL, Linksys and one of the leading players in consumer electronics, telecom, and allied multi-products in the Middle East, will be partnering with TCL to showcase its new LED Lighting products at the Light Middle East exhibition happening at the Dubai World Trade Centre Exhibition Halls November 3-5. 

Mr. Deepak Babani, CEO, Eros Group says, “The lighting market in the UAE is valued at US$ 330 million in UAE and we felt it was the right time to tap into this market with LED lighting. The category fits into our ethos of follow the future and LED lights is where it is at. Our partnership with TCL’s LED lighting is a continuation of our successful relationship with them in LED TVs. With this new range of LED lightings we will prevent environmental degradation and attract people keen on sustainable lifestyles as LED provides a greener alternative to normal fluorescent lighting”. 

Fluorescent lights contain mercury – and its metal and vapour are hazardous to humans. Ingestion or inhaling mercury is seriously injurious. It is also harmful to the environment especially when disposing after using. LEDs are environmentally friendly and don’t pose a hazardous risk to human beings as it contains no dangerous materials. Also LEDs require far less power than fluorescent tubes, thus saving energy and are lighter on the pockets as they don’t lead to high numbers on electricity bills. 

Some other advantages of LED lighting include that they are cost efficient in the long run, resilient and do not emit much heat. Initially LED lighting can be a little pricey, however in the long run it allows for huge savings. Incandescent light sources lasts for 800 to 1500 hours, fluorescent lights for about 10,000 hours while LED sources can last up to an astounding 60,000 hours. This reduces the cost as fewer replacements are needed. Also LED lighting is made of a more resilient material than fluorescent lamps which are made of glass meaning it can be used even if it is accidentally dropped or squashed. The dangers of broken glass are also avoided. Lastly, LEDs are lukewarm to touch and therefore an accidental fire or burn is less likely to happen. Fluorescents produce heat and one has to be careful when handling them.

“LED lighting is going to be pivotal in the future and we believe it’s the next best thing,” said Mr. Babani. “Our partnership with TCL LED Lighting will include besides UAE also other markets in the MENA region like Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Tanzania and Kenya among others. We will be investing heavily in marketing this technology and extending our support to more and more businesses in the Gulf and government organizations that are eager to use this new energy efficient technology in all their new ventures.”

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