13 Jun 2024 07:07

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Philips unveils its Innovation Experience 2014 in Dubai

Philips showcases its commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future at the Middle East & Turkey Innovation Experience 2014

An inspirational event to experience how Philips delivers personal, meaningful innovation that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Today, Ronald de Jong, Chief Market Leader at Philips, opened the Philips Innovation Experience 2014 in Dubai to media and customers in the region.  He also unveiled the company’s ‘innovation and you’ regional brand campaign, featuring real stories from the region about how the company’s innovations are improving people’s lives in the Middle East and Turkey. 

The Philips Innovation Experience 2014 is showcasing solutions that will help solve some of the region’s greatest challenges including products to help people live a healthier life, innovations that will make healthcare highly personalized and more widely available to those who need it, and ways in which energy efficient lighting solutions will create more sustainable cities.

“At the Philips Innovation Event, we will not only showcase the ways that Philips innovations will enhance lives in the future, we will be sharing real stories of how we are touching lives in the Middle East and Turkey today.  From delivering advanced healthcare education to clinicians in Beirut, to allowing families in Saudi Arabia and Turkey to eat healthier thanks to the Philips AirFryer and SoupMaker and how the next generation can take positive steps towards energy efficiency in Dubai” said Philips Middle East and Turkey CEO, Roy Jakobs. “We hope to inspire our customers and partners with the Innovation Experience and demonstrate the steps we can take together to improve people’s lives in the region.” 


Thanks to advances in imaging and monitoring technologies, combined with rapid development in digital health data and cloud computing, Philips is leading the transformation of the healthcare industry and creating highly integrated, personalized care with better outcomes at lower costs.

Minicare Acute Care – On-the-spot information for when you’re on the spot

In chronic conditions like acute myocardial infarction, every moment counts. Philips is developing a Minicare Cardiac Troponin-I (cTnI) blood test that will give doctors lab-equivalent results for on-the-spot patient diagnosis and treatment decision making. 

VISIQ – Taking ultrasound wherever care takes place

VISIQ is a transducer-plus-tablet ultrasound system that delivers the image quality of a cart-based system. Ultra-mobile and easy-to-use, it allows clinicians to perform quality diagnostic obstetric, gynaecological and abdominal scans anywhere, from hospital labor rooms to remote, rural medical locations.


Worldwide, and particularly in the growing Middle East, people are becoming more conscious of their personal health and well-being, and how they can make positive choices for a healthier lifestyle. Philips supports and catalyzes these developments, empowering people to live healthier lives through its innovations. 

At the Philips Innovation Experience 2014, Philips is exploring how technology can make our homes healthier and tailored to our lifestyles, how cloud-based solutions can provide care across the health continuum and connect the patient from the hospital to their home, and how personalized digital solutions can help people living with disabilities or chronic diseases manage their condition from the comfort of their own home.

Philips BlueTouch

The BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch is an innovative new product from Philips, designed to offer non-invasive on-demand pain relief for people with (mild to moderate chronic) muscular back pain in a discrete, wearable device. It uses special blue LED light to induce production of nitric oxide (NO) in the skin, which is proven to trigger a number of protective and preventive processes in the body. It relaxes muscles through a mechanism centered on improved blood circulation, which results in pain relief.

Air Purifier

People living in megacities, along with those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, increasingly want to be in control of the quality of the air in their home. The Smart Air Purifier combines Philips’ state-of-the-art chemical-free filtration technology with advanced smart technology, to help you track and control air quality in real-time via your smartphone. 


GoSafe is a comprehensive mobile medical alert service providing protection for seniors who want to maintain an active and independent lifestyle. Available only in the US, the GoSafe button is worn around the neck as a pendant at all times, and is connected 24/7 to trained professionals at the Philips Lifeline call center. It offers reassurance and safety outside the home, as well as inside, as the device can accurately locate the senior wherever they go, to get help to where it’s needed as quickly as possible


The world needs more light, more energy efficient light and digital light. Philips, as the global leader in lighting, is taking light beyond illumination. By connecting LED lighting to sensors, controls, networks, devices and apps Philips enables its customers to create amazing new lighting experiences and to achieve outstanding business outcomes while saving up to 80% on energy. Philips is taking lighting into a fully digital world in which it connects people, places and devices – and creates safe and sustainable homes and public environments. 

Philips Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connected office lighting system 

Recently, Philips launched the world’s first complete Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connected lighting system for offices that gives facility managers, office workers, and building owners smartphone control of their office lighting, and building managers new insights into building usage. 

Indoor positioning with LED 

Philips is piloting a connected lighting system that gives new meaning to personalized shopping. The system uses connected LED in-store lighting to communicate location-based information to shoppers via a smartphone app which they can opt to download. The lighting communicates with the app to send special offers and information to the shopper, relevant to their location in the store. 

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