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International Day of Happiness: the joy of wellness tourism

Throughout history, philosophers have grappled with the concept of happiness, hoping to encapsulate its essence within a definition. Yet, as we celebrate International Day of Happiness, we are given an opportunity to delve into the evolving relationship between wellness and our own understanding of happiness.

Wellness and happiness are intertwined in the pursuit of well-being. Wellness, as a concept, strives to elevate our physical, emotional, and mental health through various holistic practices. Spanning from holistic complementary therapies and advanced medicine to ancient spa traditions and mindfulness practices, wellness as a lifestyle is essential to our longevity.

My own journey with wellness began in my formative years, defined by my involvement in competitive sports and a passion for active, healthy lifestyles. As the concept of wellness evolved, so did my awareness of its rich offerings.

It quickly became the main reason for my travels. Whether it was for work or relaxation, I would find myself in unique destinations, experimenting with philosophies, methodologies, and treatments. This immediately improved my mental health and happiness level, enriching me with new perspectives.

After nearly 15 years in corporate roles, I moved to the South of France for a more balanced way of life. I started my own wellness consultancy which eventually led to Red Sea Global (RSG).

I was approached to lead the company’s group strategy for wellness, underlining RSG’s dedication to visitor wellbeing. The vision for Saudi Arabia is strong, and people want to be a part of what we are creating which makes working here a special mission.

Today, wellness tourism is growing at an annual rate of circa 17%. The Saudi market is reimagining health and wellness through the lens of luxury transformative travel, going beyond the conventional spa and retreat offerings and integrating its rich cultural heritage, meditative natural landscapes, and progressive wellness technologies.

With AMAALA set to be the world’s most comprehensive luxury wellness destination, and Saudi Arabia’s focus on enhancing its wellness tourism offering, the kingdom is emerging as a key player in the global wellness tourism landscape.

To stay grounded in my journey, balancing work and personal life is essential. I make sure to take time for myself. As priorities shift over time, the wellness ethos of staying true to personal values keeps me on the path to happiness.

Surrounded by so many incredible wellness brands means I have become savvier about how to best support my body and mind using top biohacking technologies to help me find modalities that boost my immunity, focus on my cognitive health, and recharge my battery when needed.

In the future, I hope wellness continues to remain a window of hope and opportunity for people seeking personal happiness and self-fulfilment, and to witness the kingdom blossom as a global wellness destination.


Written by Lindsay Madden Nadeau, Senior Director – Wellness Strategy and Development,Red Sea Global

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