22 Jul 2024 03:16

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Huawei, Oppo Rise in China’s Smartphone Market as Xiaomi Tumbles

Xiaomi shipped just 9.5% of all shipped smartphones in China last quarter

Jumping 10 million shipments from Q2 2015 to Q2 2016, Oppo found itself as the second-biggest smartphone brand in China in Q2 2016, with 18 million units shipped, according to an August 2016 report from International Data Corporation (IDC). That amounts to a 124.1% change vs. the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Huawei has become the top smartphone brand in China, with 17.2% of all shipments in Q2 2016—due to the plummeting of smartphone shipments from Xiaomi. The brand, which shipped the most smartphones in Q2 2015, or 16.1% of all shipped phones, has dropped to just a 9.5% share last quarter. That’s a 38.4% decline in phones shipped from year to year.

Data from Strategy Analytics, however, pumps the breaks at least a little bit on rumors of Xiaomi’s downfall: While the July 2016 report from Strategy Analytics agrees that the company shipped significantly fewer smartphones in Q2 2016 than the same time the previous year, that total shipment figure is higher, at 12.8 million in Q2 2016.

Smartphone Shipments in China, by Brand, Q2 2015 & Q2 2016 (millions of units and % of total)

While that’s still a significant dropoff, and bumped Xiaomi down from first place a year earlier to fourth, it accounts for nearly 12% of all shipped phones, far closer to Oppo’s share than IDC’s figures report.

Of course, it’s hard to say exactly what the truth is about Xiaomi’s shipment figures, simply because the brand doesn’t publicly report them. But there can be no mistake: In China, Huawei and Oppo is on the rise, and Xiaomi is shipping fewer phones.

Data sourced from eMarketer

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