16 Jul 2024 20:14

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dnata gears up to support one of the world’s biggest airshows

dnata, a leading global air and travel services provider, is gearing up to play an important role at the highly anticipated Dubai Airshow which will take place at Dubai World Central (DWC) between 13-17 November.

As a key strategic partner of Dubai Airports, dnata is set to collaborate closely with authorities and organisers to ensure safe and efficient airside operations throughout the event. dnata will allocate an impressive fleet of 100 pieces of ground support equipment (GSE) and over 30 dedicated staff to support service delivery for a seamless execution.

dnata’s Technical Services team will provide 24/7 support for the GSE throughout the show. The company’s teams will work overnight on each day of the event to ensure all GSE is in perfect condition, refuelled, recharged, washed and cleaned to support all aircraft movements.

Airshow attendees will have the unique opportunity to witness dnata’s advanced, electric pushback tractors in action as they adeptly move some of the world’s largest aircraft.

Steve Allen, CEO of dnata Group, said: “Dubai Airshow continues to be one of the world’s most prestigious aviation events. We take pride in playing a crucial role in ensuring that airside operations run efficiently throughout each day. Our commitment to safety, sustainability and service excellence will be on full display during the event, including exciting demonstrations of our electric pushback tractors. We look forward to connecting with our partners and the broader aviation community at the event.”

Electric Ground Support Equipment on display

Airshow guests will have the opportunity to see the future of sustainable GSE operations at DWC. In the busy world of aviation, ensuring the smooth operation of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the huge Airbus A380, requires cutting-edge ground support equipment. Part of dnata’s A380 turnaround operations in Dubai is the Kalmar TBL800e electric Aircraft Tractor. This powerful towbarless machine plays a crucial role in the A380’s journey, manoeuvring it away from its stand to kickstart passengers’ trips to their destinations. Possessing a power output of 1000kW, the equivalent of over 1340 horsepower, the tractor is driven by “green” efficiency.

Visitors will also get to see dnata’s newest piece of GSE as it supports the Airshow’s ground movements: the TLD TPX100e electric narrowbody Aircraft Tractor, with its towbarless technology. With the ability to push back aircraft up to 100 tonnes, as large as an Airbus A321 NEO or Boeing 737-10, this vehicle demonstrates the latest in dnata’s innovative and sustainable ground support equipment.

dnata: a key contributor to the UAE’s aviation industry

Since its foundation in 1959, dnata has been playing an important role in the UAE’s aviation industry. Having mirrored Dubai’s growth, the dnata Group presently employs over 23,000 staff in the country, delivering world-class services to over 190 passenger and cargo airlines across the UAE.

Globally, dnata offers quality and safe ground handling, cargo, travel, catering and retail services in 38 countries across six continents. In the financial year 2022-23, dnata’s customer-oriented teams handled over 710,000 aircraft turns, moved over 2.7 million tonnes of cargo, uplifted 111.4 million meals, and recorded a total transaction value (TTV) of travel services of US$ 1.9 billion.

Dubai Airshow: one of the largest and most successful events of its kind

Held every two years, Dubai Airshow is one of the largest and most successful airshows in the world. The Airshow connects the entire industry, from commercial and business aviation, defence and military, space, cargo and more, to facilitate successful global trade.

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