22 Jul 2024 03:43

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Interact Marketing Announces Spin-Off of SlingshotSEO Division

After purchasing and relaunching the highly successful SlingshotSEO brand name, Interact parent Ecommerge, Inc. has announced that it will strategically spin off the division later this year.

Following the acquisition of SlingshotSEO in 2017, Interact Marketing parent company Ecommerge, Inc. has announced they will spin off the brand as a separate company later in 2019. Interact Marketing acquired the search engine optimization (SEO) brand and website in December of 2017 and has been developing updated service offerings and brand positioning in the interim.

SlingshotSEO initially gained notoriety during the inception of the SEO industry and became known for its exponential growth during the market boom. By developing cutting edge technologies, closely following search engine algorithmic patterns and establishing a core set of processes, the company thrived. When SEO was just getting popular, their clients were benefiting from higher rankings, increases in organic traffic, and in turn, an improved bottom line.

SlingshotSEO was included on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies list three times between 2011-2013 when it was hitting record annual revenue of approximately $11mm. The company was also recognized in the industry numerous times, winning over a dozen awards including a Red Herring, Tech 200, PR Daily, Search Engine Journal, Top SEOs, and best places to work in Indiana.

SlingshotSEO attempted to address the shifting digital landscape by diversifying their SEO service offerings to provide content marketing and social media, eventually selling brand assets, content, and methodologies of SlingshotSEO and their new marketing publication, Relevance.com to Creative Lipi Webtech, Inc.. Ecommerge, Inc. went on to acquire SlingshotSEO brand assets from Creative Lipi Webtech, with CEO Joe Beccalori also becoming an expert contributor and editor on Relevance.com.

Interact Marketing will honor SlingshotSEO’s roots in SEO to provide search optimization and marketing services to small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs at a lower price point to meet growing market demand. In addition to helping clients rank on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, the spin-off company will also have services for YouTube video search optimization and product ranking optimization for Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

On the decision to spin-off SlingshotSEO, Interact Marketing CEO Joe Beccalori says,Our core agency has grown into a middle market full-service digital marketing offering. This move will allow SlingshotSEO to continue to grow freely to deliver more affordable programs for small businesses and start-ups, and also have a search-specific offering for agency partners.”

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