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Facebook tops list of most popular stocks in first quarter

Saxo Bank announces the five most traded stocks in the first quarter of the year.

“The fourth quarter of 2018 was not only destructive for share prices but also for earnings estimates across all of the world’s major equity indices. But with the Fed’s historic pivot on monetary policy and improving data out of Asia, equity markets have shrugged off the carnage of Q4 2018. US equities have almost made a full comeback to last year’s all-time-high level with the S&P 500 only 2% from its September zenith. The drivers are monetary policy, optimism over a US-China trade deal, improving Asia macro figures and with the Q1 earnings season starting this week, maybe a fourth engine can be added to global equities.” says Peter Garnry, Head of Equity Strategy.

Peter Garnry, Head of Equity Strategy, comments on the most traded stocks:

All Clients (YTD %)

Facebook Inc. (+34 %)

Facebook remains a household name for many people and investors with around 2.3 billion users worldwide. As the social-media company continues to deliver consistent growth the stock continues to be one of the most traded stocks among investors.

NVIDIA Corp. (+43 %)              

Nvidia has become a very actively traded stock over the past couple of years due to its exposure to e-gaming, cryptocurrency, datacenters and the car industry through the graphical processing chips (GPU). These GPUs are at the center of the massive investments in automation, machine learning etc. and thus Nvidia is probably the most pure play on these emergent technologies.

Tesla Inc. (-17,5%)                                                  

Everyone has an opinion about Tesla and investors are as divided about the company’s future as the stock price is volatile. Tesla is biggest pure play investors can do on the transition to electric vehicles and alone for that reason the stock is heavily traded.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (+35,5 %)             

Alibaba has for years been one of the most traded stocks because the company offers investors exposure to the Chinese consumer market and its digitalization. On top of this Alibaba delivers high growth rates which are still rare in our low growth expansion since the financial crisis.

Netflix Inc. (+35,5 %)                                                

With the number of subscribers reaching almost 150 million in Q4 Netflix is becoming a dominant and well-known household name for many consumers when it comes to consuming video entertainment. This obviously drives awareness and trading activity in the stock, but it also helps that Netflix is a compelling long-term growth story.

MENA (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.)

1.Facebook Inc.                                      

2.Boeing Co.                                            

3.Wirecard AG                                        

4.NVIDIA Corp.                                       

5.Electronic Arts   

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