22 Jul 2024 01:55

Advertising & Marketing

Chief Marketers Identify Strategic Areas of Focus in 2019

CMO Council Outlook + Intention Audit Reveals Member Priorities and Challenges Range

From Doing More with Digital to Maximize How People, Process & Technology Perform

A global audit of chief marketers indicates a resolute intention to being active advocates and agents for marketing technology migration, digital skills development, and more effective go-to-market processes in 2019.

The CMO Council Outlook + Intention Audit gathered insights early in the year from more than 100 Advisory Board Members across seven regions, including North America, Europe, APAC, MENA, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America. The global knowledge transfer and peer mentoring group includes 15,000 chief marketers in 110 countries controlling nearly $1 trillion in annual, aggregated marketing spend. 

Key insights and input from strategic conversations with 100 marketing leaders reveal serious commitments to:

Upgrading digital and go-to-market capabilities — improving proficiency, process and technology to gain both revenue and customer relationship growth

Overcoming obstacles to marketing technology deployment — expediting digital transformation by addressing internal skills, competencies and change readiness, as well as data cleanliness and quality.

Finding smarter ways to more effectively align and collaborate across C-suite by delivering richer, deeper customer insight and market intelligence

Developing marketing team acumen and know to overcome digital deficiencies and improve talent performance


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