16 Jul 2024 19:04

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Try These Airbnb Experiences To Enjoy UAE Art and Authentic Traditions

Dubai offers something for everyone, be it innovative business opportunities or the recreational side of tourism. No matter what visitor, one of the principal objectives of the Dubai Government is to showcase authentic Emirati culture, art and traditions, to keep the country an Arab leader for tourists. 

One of these actions is the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority’s “Sikka Art Fair”, taking place this year from 16th till 24th March. In its ninth edition, the focus is on bringing residents and tourists to meet with talented local and regional artists in order to experience their cultural work and traditional handicrafts.

Airbnb, the global hospitality platform is an integral part of Dubai’s ever growing tourism landscape. It allows visitors to truly experience the city like a local would. From staying in one of the homes listed on the platform to booking one of the many available Airbnb Experiences, Airbnb allows visitors to get familiar with traditional and authentic cultural experiences through its hosts. Airbnb host Aya Ahmed provides tours of old Dubai for international travellers and loves to share her passion for the city’s lesser known sides and history with her guests.   

Aya’s guests discover the hidden gems of Old Dubai during an hour-long stroll, from Al Seef Brisk to the historic neighbourhood of Al Shindaghad. During the walk, guests have an abundance of photo opportunities and the chance to meet with young and talented Emirati artists.

The aim of Aya’s Airbnb Experience is to drive awareness of the most vital parts of Dubai and the UAE: the culture, history and traditional roots. Her guests leave with a deep and positive understanding of the country and Arab culture. 

Aya is grateful that the Airbnb platform allows visitors to experience another side of Dubai, different from the glamour and luxury portrayed in popular culture. Her guests experience the ‘real and authentic’ Dubai through its local food, language, religion, art, culture, traditions and residents – providing visitors with a window into peaceful life in the Gulf.

Aya will most certainly be bringing her Airbnb guests to the 2019 Sikka Art Fair, which is one of Dubai Culture’s flagship events. The theme for this year’s participating artists is ‘An Open window to Art and Tolerance’ in line with the UAE Government’s nominated ‘Year of Tolerance.’ Overall, the event continues to be the ultimate stage for Emirati and UAE-based artists and to reinforce Dubai as a leading hub for culture, arts and traditions. 

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